Sapna Kumari Biography: Personal Life, Career, Age, Height, Facts & Networth

Sapna Kumari

Sapna Kumari Biography

Sapna Kumari is an Indian athlete making waves in the world of athletics as one of India’s rising stars in the 100m hurdles. Sapna Kumari was born in the city of Ramgarh in the state of Jharkhand in India. Sapna Kumari recently showcased her talent at the Indian Grand Prix 3 in Bengaluru, where she secured an impressive second-place finish, just behind the formidable Jyothi Yarraji. 

Early Life and Career

Hailing from Ramgarh, Jharkhand, India Sapna Kumari’s journey into the world of sports is a tale of sibling inspiration. Her older sister, Sneha, who was just two years senior, played a pivotal role in introducing her to athletics. Back in their school days, Sapna would watch in awe as Sneha, a talented discus thrower, would travel to various athletic competitions, returning home with glistening medals that sparkled with achievement.

Sneha defied their mother’s wishes and took Sapna to the training grounds, setting the stage for the younger sibling’s sporting career. Initially, Sapna embarked on her athletic journey as a long jumper. However, her first coach, Rajib Ranjan Singh, saw her potential lying elsewhere and guided her towards sprinting and hurdling, where her true talents blossomed.

While Sapna’s determination and hard work were evident, the family faced financial challenges as both sisters pursued formal training. Despite these hurdles, their unwavering passion and sisterly support fueled Sapna Kumari’s dreams, propelling them forward on the path to success. The Kumari sisters’ story is a testament to the power of familial bonds and the resilience that drives young athletes to overcome obstacles in their pursuit of greatness.

Sapna Kumari’s sister, a talented athlete herself, secured a spot in the prestigious Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Kolkata in 2013 and later in SAI Ranchi in 2014. This was a significant achievement, but it came with financial challenges. Their father, employed at Tata Steel, had to support not only the two sisters but also their siblings. With the financial strain increasing, Sapna’s mother hoped that at least one of her daughters would pursue a steady job and education. However, Sapna’s sister stood firmly by her side, advocating for Sapna’s athletic dreams.

Sapna, driven by her sister’s support, intensified her training efforts. Hurdles became her passion, but it was no easy feat. Sapna faced her fair share of stumbles and tumbles.

Remarkably, just a month after venturing into hurdles, Sapna clinched gold at the inter-district nationals in 2013, shattering the meet record in the process. This triumph marked the beginning of her medal-winning spree at both national and international competitions.

Yet, adversity struck in 2018 when an injury threw her world into disarray. It started as a subtle discomfort in her ankle during training for the All-India University Games. She initially dismissed it as typical hurdler’s ankle pain. However, what began as a stress fracture eventually escalated to a splintered shin bone. The realization of the seriousness of the injury only dawned on her when her leg turned black, casting a shadow over her promising career.

Career Graph

Discipline Place Score Weeks
Women’s 100mH 348 1082
Women’s Overall Ranking 3572 1082
Women’s 100mH 318 1
Women’s Overall Ranking 3356 1

Bio Data

Full Name: Sapna Kumari

Date of Birth: 13 AUG 1999

Age: 24 Years

Place of Birth: Ramgarh, Jharkhand, India

Country: India

Nationality: Indian

Occupation: Athlete

Sports: Hurdler