Top 5 Indians who have earned the most from IPL

rohit sharma ipl

The Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) is the richest board in world cricket and it runs the most successful and expensive domestic T20 league in the world, which is the Indian Premier League (IPL). Since, the BCCI has made the league private, which means that the franchises or teams are privately owned and not by the BCCI, it allows the franchises a heavy purse limit for completing their squad which in turn benefits the cricketers, especially the marquee players, to earn a lot of money.

Some players have been playing in the league since its first season and have earned a lot of money till now if we look at the bigger picture. Let’s have a look at the top-5 Indians who have earned the most from the salary of the IPL.

1. Rohit Sharma (Batter)

The current Indian team captain, Rohit Sharma, is the IPLs richest player as he has earned the maximum amount of money from the league as a salary among all the other players till the 2023 season. He has earned a total of INR 1,78,60,00,000 (more than INR 178 crores) after adding the salary for the 2023 season. He currently plays for the Mumbai Indians franchise where he gets a salary of INR 16 crores per season. His previous best salary was INR 15 crores in the 2021 season playing for Mumbai only.

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Wicket-keeper)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni Stumpings in IPL
Next on our list in this category is Indian legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni who has already retired from international cricket but is still playing in the IPL. His total salary worth from the IPL is INR 1,76,84,00,000 (more than INR 176 crores) after adding the salary for the 2023 season. He currently earns a salary of INR 12 crores per season. Dhoni has been playing in the IPL since 2008 for Chennai Super Kings but had to change his team for two years when CSK was banned from the IPL. Later, in 2018, he joined the CSK squad again and has never left ever since.

3. Virat Kohli (Batter)

Virat Kohli, popularly known as The Run Machine Kohli, is the only player in the history of the IPL to play for only one team, Royal Challengers Bangalore. He has been his team’s best and most important player since the 2013 season. Till the 2023 season, he has earned a sum of INR 1,73,20,00,000 (more than INR 173 crores) from the IPL salary. He has also won the Orange Cap and is the league’s top run scorer. He received INR 17 crores as his salary till the 2021 season but reduced his salary to INR 15 crores per season from 2022 to make more funds available for his team.

4. Suresh Raina (All-rounder)

Suresh Raina Best knocks in IPL
The second Chennai Super Kings player on this list is Mr. IPL, Suresh Raina. Being already retired from international cricket, Raina has also not been a part of the IPL since the 2022 season. Till the 2021 season, he earned a salary of INR 11 crores per season when he played for the CSK franchise. To date, his total salary from the IPL amounts to INR 1,10,74,00,000 (more than INR 110 crores).


5. Ravindra Jadeja (All-rounder)

Ravindra Jadeja
Ravindra Jadeja is another player who has been a part of the CSK franchise for a very long time and has played for CSK for the most part of his IPL career. He earns INR 16 crores per season from the IPL as a salary as of now. His total IPL net worth amounts to INR 1,09,01,00,000 (more than INR 109 crores). He is still left to play a lot of cricket in his career and with his excellent form, he can earn a lot more from his IPL salary in the coming years.