A Huge Controversy erupted on social media after Dota 2 Pro Player ninjaboogie has been kicked out from Team SMG for taking leave ahead of death of his mother

Dota 2 Pro Player Michael “ninjaboogie” was kicked out from his Team SMG on May 20th 2022 but the recent statement given by the former erupted a huge controversy on social media and most fans are criticising the owners of the team for making such a blatant call. 

According to Michael, he was released from his side to spend time with his mother who was suffering from stage 4 cancer and passed away on Monday and the owners of the side believed that I would perform poorly in the wake of my mother passing away. 

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His statement caused a major uproar on social media where many fans stated that how any organisation could be so cruel as they should have supported Michael in this tough time rather than releasing him. 

Michael First wrote on his official Twitter account ” Kicked because my mom was on her last days and they assumed it would affect my performance. I already knew for some time that this day will come. Since she had stage 4 cancer. She passed away on monday. Imagine being fired from a job because you are about to lose a loved one”

It all started with a Tweet posted by Team SMG on May 20th announcing that they have parted ways with the pro player and thanked later for all his contribution and services towards the side. Michael was part of the organisation from 2021 onwards. 

“Announcement on our Dota 2 Squad! We would like to thank  @ninjaboogie  for his enthusiasm, hard work, and dedication for Team SMG during our time together. Today, we part ways. Thank you Ninjaboogie. Keep Boogieing, even under gunfire” Team SMG tweeted. 

The moment this tweet was posted from the official account of Team SMG, Michael commented on the same post stating that “You should tell the real reason why you kicked me out from the squad”

He also gave detailed explanation about the entire incident unfolded between him and Team SMG via a long post on his official Twitter account. 

The Pro Player also stated that the Team SMG had a meeting without involving me to discuss my future. It seem that Team SMG is not keen to share their side of story or explain what unfolded between them and Pro Player and the followers of DOTA 2 professional have severely criticised this decision on social media stating that this is unprofessional and inhumane act.  Some fans even wrote on social media to boycott the sponsorship of Team SMG.

“@TeamSMGofficial  & @ninjabogie Be a real shame if people started contacting any sponsor associated with the team and told them they’ll be boycotted until they drop their sponsorship of Team SMG” One user wrote on his official Twitter handle. 

DOTA 2 community is extremely angry with the call taken by Team SMG as this news is spreading like a fire and if this continues for long you never know the owners of the company might have to face the consequences. 

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