The ongoing Paralympics at halfway stage has become the most successful for Indian contingents in terms of winning medals let’s have a look at the positives in the detail

The ongoing Paralympics 2020 has become the most successful for India in terms of winning medals as India has already won 7 medals which include 2 gold, 4 silver, and 1 bronze medal in comparison to 4 medals India won in Rio Tokyo Paralympics.

The Gold medals from Avani Lekhara, Sumit Antil followed by a Silver medal from Devendra Jharjariya and others have clearly indicated that if proper structure, facilities, and funds are spent on Para athletes magic is bound to happen.

Paralympics Games History

It can be clearly seen that in Olympics India won 7 medals but in Paralympics, at the halfway stage they have already won a same number of medals still halfway stage is left and considering the form of Indian contingents it is evident that India will surpass the medal tally of more than 10 medals as stated by Chief de Commission of India Gursharan Singh.

If India can win more than 10 medals in Paralympics it will certainly give more inspiration to the budding para-athlete to take up the sport. Let’s talk about other positives in detail

  1. With India winning three medals in Javelin in the ongoing Paralympics including the likes of Devendra Jharjariya(Silver Medal), Sumit Antil( Gold medal) and Sundar Singh Gurjar( Bronze) India can be called as next Javelin giants
  2. The young players like Avani Lekhara who is only 19 year old and winning gold medal at a big stage at the Paralympics clearly indicated that even in young age the players are ready to sock up the pressure
  3. If you see the range of age group who has won medals in ongoing Paralympics i.e starting from Lekhara having age 19 years old to Jhajhariya having age 40 years old clearly indicate that the coaching facilities to these players is certainly bang on the money
  4. India Paralympians have handled the pressure really well which was lacking in Olympics as the shooters who were expected to win medal in Olympics 2020 couldn’t do that and nervousness was certainly one of the reasons behind that
  5. Indian athletes in sports categories like Javelin, Badminton and Table Tennis in Paralympics have improved a lot and that is the primary reason behind India winning more medals in the marquee event.