Devendra Jhajharia – Personal Information & Career Achievements

Devendra Jhajharia - Personal Information & Career Achievements

An Introduction to Devendra Jhajharia

Devendra Jhajharia - Personal Information & Career Achievements

Devendra Jhajharia is one of the most well known Indian javelin throwers in recent history. Born in 1980, this awesome javelin thrower has even set some world records. When thinking about the Paralympics, Devendra has established himself as one of the very best javelin throwers in the history of javelin throwing. He is known as one of the strongest javelin throwers to have come out of India, as this awesome man is now an inspiration for the javelin throwers of the current age. Despite facing a lot of opposition in his early life, he has grown to be one of the most famous javelin throwers in the entire world, and is known across the world for giving unmatched performances at the Paralympics.

One of the most amazing facts about this javelin thrower is the fact that he has become the only Indian to have won no less than two gold medals in the Paralympics. This makes him one of the most well known Indian athlete in the entire world, as this man has gone to new lands of achievement where no Indian has gone before.

Another tidbit about Devendra Jhajharia is the fact that he set the new world record for a javelin throw at the 2004 Summer Paralympic Games, 62.15 meters, a throw which managed to leave the entire world agape with just how strong his throwing arm was.

Personal Information

Devendra Jhajharia

Devendra Jhajharia was born in 1980, in the Churu District in Rajasthan. Hailing from the proud land of the Rajasthanis, rumoured to be one of the strongest states of India, Devendra met with misfortune at a very young age. When he was 8, he touched a live electric cable when climbing a tree, and this was one of the worst points in his entire life. After the arm was badly injured and burnt, doctors were forced to have to amputate the arm entirely.

Even though he met with such grave misfortune, he did not give up, and instead pursued the sport of javelin throwing while in school. At the age of 17 or thereabouts, he was spotted by R.D.Singh, who is known across the entirety of India for being one of the very best coaches in the country. R.D.Singh had previously received the Dronacharya award, which is only given to the very finest coaches in the country. After spotting Devendra’s intense throwing arm, and witnessing its power for himself, he took him for his newest protege, and trained to become the very best javelin thrower India had to offer to the world.

R.D.Singh has been one of the biggest influences in his career, and Devendra has attributed most of the success he has had in the sport to Singh, saying that he would never have managed it without the efforts Singh made to make Devendra the very best.

Devendra Jhajharia Achievements

Devendra Jhajharia Awards

2013 Lyon IPC World Championships: He outshone the other athletes at the 2013 IPC World Championships, when he managed to achieve a gold medal in the Javelin- F467 event. This made him one of the most well known javelin throwers in recent memory, as this gold medal was one of the foundations of his gold medal winning career.

2014 Incheon Asian Para Games: This is another tournament where Devendra showed his very best to the world, as he won a silver medal in the Javelin- F46 event. While definitely not his very best tournament performance, this was still another one of his better performances, as a Silver Medal is still a mark of being one of the very best.

2016 Rio de Janeiro Paralympic Games: This is one of the best examples that one can give of the immense prowess Devendra has for the sport of Javelin throwing, as he managed to win no less than two separate gold medals in the tournament. Both of these medals only served to make him all the more famous, as this javelin player was already known throughout the world at this point.

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