Sony is eyeing to expand their Esports crowd as they are looking to become the “Nike of Gaming Gear”

Imagine we are sitting in 2019 and talking about the scope of Esports scenario in the world many would not have jumped onto this conversation but the year changed and the world was thrown into a horrible experience where many people have lost their lives due to a deadly pandemic. 

But the positive side that came out of the deadly pandemic was that there was a lot of job opportunities created in new domain and one such domain that is increasing exponentially every month is Esports. 

The industry has already shattered all the records in the global sporting landscape and the market size, player pool, and viewership will tend to increase in years to come I wouldn’t be surprised if these new phenomena can surpass many top-notch traditional games.

Sony Gaming gear
Sony Gaming Gear

Taking about the new development, Sony has expanded its gaming division beyond the realism of console.  They are aggressively working to promote different games on PC platform. 

The real focus they have now is to place on IRL(In- Real- Life)  aspect of the game.  Based on reports in different media outlets, Sony is planning to become Nike of Gaming Gear and they will make this vision possible by the assistance of growing esports crowds. 

Executive deputy President Kazuo Kii said that the advantage we have in the TV industry and stated that the hardware they are trying to push into the market will be gearing the requirements of PC players not PlayStations users in detail. 

“Many existing producers trace their origins to PC manufacturing. Because monitors are designed to display data, there are problems to overcome with vibrancy and contrast. Sony is unique in that we come from a background in TV manufacturing. We take pride in our picture technology. We look forward to showing customers our immersive experience and realism” Kazuo said. 

He further added that we as organisation would be focussing on what esports gamers want.  We are striving towards becoming one of the top esports gaming gear company on par with high -end  producers like Nike and Mizuno.

Sony Gadgets

“The vision we have in mind is that of Mizuno and Nike providing shoes for athletes. You can win prize money in esports. If a monitor’s response time lags even slightly, you lose. Sony products aren’t going to let people engaged in these grueling battles down” Kazuo added. 

It would be interesting to see how they will achieve this vision and Sony does have lot of competitions to showcase as many hardware manufacturers tries their level best to provide best experience for esports players. Sony would have to constantly deliver with their promises when it comes to performance enhancement to be ahead of the curve. 

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