Shot Put Strategies and Body Positioning

Shot Put Strategies

Shot put is all about pushing the heavy spherical object instead of throwing. It is basically field and track event. It has become a part of Olympic for men from the year 1896 and for women it has started since 1948. The basic requirement which you need is muscle strength. Hence we can say proper techniques are used along with body positioning.

Shot Put Strategies

Standing or running at the proper stance and positioning the object correctly are the two important factors which need special concentration. As while throwing an object, our whole body parts come into action. So according to athletes, it is important to take a proper posture in which upper and lower body parts need special attention.

In short, we can say that by stepping back with one foot or lowering down the body so that hips and knees can bend easily define your muscle strength. After working on the body postures, it is important to take special attention to the techniques of throwing an object. Instead of holding the ball in general ways, it is essential to set the fingers properly. Rather than using your palm only fingers should be used to push the object with the required strength. You can easily apply your energy to give your best shot. Apply your full body weight, by realizing the ball at 45-degree angle.

Fouls in Shot Put

Body positioning during Gliding

Like other games in this also fouls are calculated; it can be either due to through positioning or including palms. There are some important things on which a player has to work such as:

  • Either you are playing for national or international it is important that a player cannot pause or stop when standing inside a circle before throwing an object in motion.
  • If you ever touch the top or end position of stop board; foul will also be counted if you stroke the top of the iron ring, and outside the line of the circle.
  • You cannot drop a shot below the shoulder.
  • The foul will be calculated if your shot lands in outside areas of the boundary.
  • The referee will also consider a foul if in case a player touches the sector line.
  • A foul will be counted if the player will leave the circle in certain cases such as:
  • Before the shot landed
  • If a competitor fails to the left the circle from the back.

Strategies you can use for a Shot Put

There are some strategies on which you need to focus:

For holding the Shot:

shot put ball

  • Hold the base of shot inside fingers instead of using palm.
  • The fingers are slightly stretched apart from using the thumb for support.
  • Bend the hand back in the cocked position while holding the shot. For example, it will look like you are carrying a pizza.

Two Arms put:

Two Arms put

  • The drill is used to throw the shot.
  • A player has to stand facing the sector if has to throw the shot.
  • For two arms put you have to handle the ball according to a chest in pass position.
  • Check that your hands should be placed, i.e., behind the shot with the downing position of thumbs.
  • You can push out the shot with both hands, but keep in mind that your elbows should stay high.
  • As we all are aware of the fact that muscle strength is used in shot put; so one should concentrate on wrist activities. You have to flip the wrist to throw the shot.
  • You can also throw it with a medicine ball.

Knee Positioning:

Knee Positioning

  • By bending the knees, the thrower should concentrate on the direction of a shot.
  • A player has to place the shot beside his neck.
  • As we all know that it is important that your body parts should remain active including eyes.
  • A player has to concentrate towards the ceiling and have to push the shot by the full power.
  • When a thrower pushes the shot, then your lower body part also comes into action. Your legs will extend, and hips will also bend in a backward direction.

Body positioning during Gliding:

Fouls in Shot Put

  • You should have to stand at the back by facing towards the ring or throwing it in a straight direction.
  • Place the shot adjacent to your neck.
  • It is important to stand your body in an athletic position, i.e., always tries to face away from the sector.
  • In athletic positioning your, every body part plays a specific role, i.e., try to extend your left arm out so as in relax position.
  • Your left leg back should be extended in such a way towards the toe board.
  • Most of your body weight should be positioned on the right leg.

Points to remember

Throw the short:

shot put throw

It is important to keep your left side stiffed, as well as punch your arm in an upward direction. Thus move your wrist in such direction so that you can complete the throw with a flip.


shot put Pivot

Rotate your right elbow in an upward direction and shift your weight on the left side. Straightening your left leg rotate the hips so as to complete the target.

As we all know each game has certain rules and regulation; and have to play according to it to score the goal. So in every competition, one has to concentrate upon the target as well as rounds and throws. Talking particularly about shot put in these three preliminary rounds are there. Each round is based on certain criteria of a score as moving towards the final round. If a player reached finals, then three more rounds are there, and longest distance recorded thrower wins. In this, an individual has to concentrate on position and fouls to win a game.

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