Why is India struggling to find a replacement of Yuvraj Singh?

Replacement of Yuvraj Singh

Replacement of Yuvraj Singh: Cricket, it is a game and feeling which mixes with emotions of every human being In India and also takes part in the character and emotions of every Indian. There is one special thing about cricket if we apply the nature of sports into our own personal life and deal with the lifelike ball by ball, it is just filled with the right path in our dealing capacity and you seem to be on a great decision- making mood all your life. sports teach you to be selfless all the time and take life as the game as it passes by and like the way, it comes and not to complain about it.

Replacement of Yuvraj Singh

Sports does not see your skin or how good you look, sports do not even care about your bank balance and how much gold you possess in your locker, sports are all about, going in front of the pitch and performing your heart out to the maximum. Everything in life needs a clear mind to get the maximum performance out of the human being to the extent of any greatness. No matter what problem you are going through in your life when you are playing your game, the game does not judge you by your ongoing problems, it only judges you by the talent you establish in the field and the confidence you show to come out with positivity. Confidence helps you to perform to the best, when you perform to the best, you break all negative thoughts and gain momentum.

Gaining momentum is not very easy as it seems, it should be a habit developed by your consistency, playing cricket will not earn you momentum all the time, it is very difficult to get a place cemented in international level and after cementing, creating the momentum needs special dedication. Just because you play a few games, you cannot earn a momentum, just because you are paid highly, you cannot earn records, just because you score hundred once in while will not help enough to earn a legend tag, just because a bowler picks up 5 wickets in day will not be enough to earn a record, records are different and it needs years of hard work and dedication and it is something you achieve by the work you do day by day.

This is the main reason it becomes difficult for every team to replace a player; it takes years. In today’s Indian team, they have found a great replacement for the god of cricket Sachin Tendulkar in Virat Kohli but they are struggling to find a replacement for Single Player and it is none other than the world cup hero Yuvraj Singh. Why? What are the reasons? Let’s discuss it in today’s column.

There are some reasons for replacement of Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi’s Class:

He is one of the best middle order batsmen the world has seen at the International level of cricket, but he is a player who can bat at any position except lower order and up the run rate for his team. he also holds the capacity to play at any position just in case if the situation demands.

He has not batted in any position other than number 4 in most of the games b in any  part of career, and he was the superstar for India in that position for a decade, his experience was such a  Vital part and he is one of the all-time great batsmen with earning a timing sense called Yuvraj Singh timing in cricket world among experts. yes, he was the player to score runs at the crucial point of the game and most of his knocks were match-winning knocks. But nevertheless, he will be the batsman to be remembered as best number 4 batsman for India and these kinds of impact he made is making it difficult for BCCI to find a replacement for him.

His Matured Batting:

He is the most aggressive player during his period in the team and he also shows aggression in batting like no one else which gave him the nickname MR SIXER. But that is not always the case and he is one of the most matured batsmen in his times when batting at the crucial time and in the start of his innings, he takes slow and punishes only the loose balls rather than blindly throwing the bat at everything.

Yuvraj Singh Matured batting

Unlike some batsmen of his caliber, He is not the player who goes for the hit in every ball he faces in the middle, he takes time to know the nature of the pitch, rotates single and double and takes enough time to get going with a full flow. He is the batsman who can smash ground shots in a very perfect manner and that will help the team in laying a super score which will be a great foundation to win the game, remember that, his acceleration in the middle was the prime factor for India in many games.

He is a World Class Player around the World:

There are lots of players in this world who is comfortable with home games and pitches but fails when ti comes to  overseas conditions as they struggle against the pace and bounce in those pitches, Yuvraj Singh in his playing days dominated bowlers all over the world as he handles every condition well and plays like Indian pitch around the planet. he was very successful on two of the prime part of the world England and Australia and he carried the highest Individual score by an Indian in Australia for 11 years of time.  in international cricket, he had his ups and downs, but the way he handles bad times made him stand out from the rest.

In the Australian tour in 2004, he made a statement as a great one- day player in the world.  he dominated every bowler in the England conditions as well and He has always stepped in as hero for India whenever they played in England and even in South Africa, he has a decent record and outstanding record in New Zealand.  it was crucial for the team as he repeated the same heroics consistently in the world cup 2011 and he was the hero in India’s victory after 28 years. One special talent about him is that if a bowler delivers a bouncer, he smashes it through the ground for four which cuts one major option against for the bowler against him. when those options get cut, loose balls come in which helps him score more runs and he then scores centuries like singles.

He was an Outstanding Fielder:

He is one of the greatest fielders India has produced and has the ability to stop runs even in the crunch moments of the game and put some huge pressure on batsmen, he takes some brilliant catches 99 times out of 100 and that made him a vital element in the Indian team, nobody will ever  deny the fact that he is brilliant fielder in this Indian side.

Yuvraj Singh was an outstanding fielder

A good fielding day will be a good day for the entire Indian team. a player might not score runs or take wickets every day, he was an excellent gully fielder and his diving catches has a spate collection videos in the heart of Indian cricket fans. He was also a great fit player for the team and that makes him irreplaceable in the team.

He is a Great All-Rounder:

Again yes, you heard it right and he is also a world-class all-rounder, he is not only one of the all-time great ODI batsman, but he is also a great left-arm spin bowler who can give breakthroughs at crucial moments and 2011 world cup is the prime example for that. If there is any doubt, he has taken crucial wickets in the T20 world cup and also in 2011 world cup in 50 over format and he has also gained the trust of a captain like Dhoni in the cricket history and also contained runs when he played for India in his initial days. He is a thinking spin bowler who can bowl in a decent length and Dhoni used him in every crucial situation in his prime. Yuvraj Singh is a great all-rounder for a replacement for the world cup.

He is a Great Thinker:

He was the vice-captain of the Indian team for a long time and his partnership when Dhoni was captain was all-time best as he used to give inputs which finally resulted in world cup win and he is actually termed as the aggressive member in the Indian team.  due to his attacking capacity, he is the player which the entire world celebrated and that’s the reason India is struggling to find another player like him in the setup. He was such a treat to watch when he was in the full swing and was the player which every team needed in his prime. He was the only player to get the costliest IPL player tag even when he was in the form out stage. Yuvraj Singh is a great thinker for a replacement for the world cup.

Conclusion: Legacy always comes from years of consistency and good character. We will come up with more good contents soon.

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