5 Records Which Defines the Greatness of Virat Kohli

5 Records Which Defines the Greatness of Virat Kohli

5 Records Which Defines the Greatness of Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli Records – There is no doubt about the fact that Virat Kohli is undoubted, one of the best batsman of the current era across all formats and he has proved this every other day on the cricket field with his brilliant performances. While all of us know Virat Kohli as the ace batsman and the current captain of the Indian cricket team, there’s much more to be mentioned about this prolific cricketer of this modern generation.

Before finding his inception in the International cricket, Kohli has played for Delhi at different age group level tournaments and it was only by 2006, that he was his debut in the First-class cricket for the same city. Not many have expected him to do so, but he went to captain the Indian side in the under-19 world cup in 2008 where he led his team to the title victory with his outstanding century knock against the host nation Australia in the finals. Whilst we are talking about his achievements, let’s take a look at top 5 records held by Virat Kohli which also defines his greatness on the cricket pitch.

# 5 Fastest Batsman to Score 10000 Runs in ODI

Virat Kohli

While it won’t surprise many of his ardent fans, Virat Kohli did become the fastest batsman to reach the 10000 ODI runs landmark on 24th October 2018. Not only he breached the landmark in just 205 innings, but he also bettered the previous record set by his idol and another Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar who did achieve the same milestone in 259 innings.

On the other side, he also broke the record of being the fastest batsman to reach this record at lesser time overtaking the previous record set by the Indian “Wall” Rahul Dravid. Whilst Dravid was earlier holding the record in making to the milestone in 10 years and 317 days, Virat overtook the same by making it in only 10 years and 68 days. If that wasn’t enough, he was also the first batsman to achieve this feat in lesser balls than any other batsman around. For the records, he took only 10813 balls while making it to the 10000 runs landmark. Thus we can say that not only this cricketer has created some new record in his own style, but he is also still up and hungry to make a better of it every other match he plays in the process.

#4 Fastest to Reach 30 ODI Centuries

Virat Kohli

Virat has been quoted as the modern time great by most of the cricketing experts and his playing style is also something which makes him a perfect batsman with the right techniques and skill set. Moreover, he also became the fastest man to reach the 30 ODI centuries mark on his quest to bring more glory to the Indian National team. Not only he overcomes the previous record set by the Indian master class batsman Sachin Tendulkar, but he also saw his team clean sweeping the Sri-Lankan team in the ODI series during the same process.

Whilst Sachin took 294 matches along with 267 innings to reach the 30 centuries benchmark, Virat did it in only his 194th match and 186th innings during his cricketing career. The only player which is above him in terms of the number of centuries scored is Sachin Tendulkar himself and whilst seeing him scoring all the runs with utmost ease and expertise for his country, we can only say that the day is not far away when he will be leading the charts for most centuries scored in the ODIs.

#3 Only Player to Carry an Average Above 50 in All Formats

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has simply defined his greatness for his country in all the three formats and he has become the only player on the planet to carry ahead an average more than 50 in all the three formats in the International cricket currently. As of now his Test stats read as 6613 runs in 77 matches with an astonishing average of 57.26. Moreover, he has scored 25 centuries and 20 half-centuries in the same process with his highest score being 243.

Talking about His ODI numbers, he has scored more than 10000 runs in his decade long career with an amazing average of 59.51 in the 222 matches that he has played so far. Moreover, he has scored 39 centuries and 49 half-centuries in the same process. On the other side, this batsman has proved his dominance in the shorter format of the cricket with more than 2000 runs under his belt which came at an unbelievable average of 49.25. He has scored 19 half-centuries in the process and seems like a century is right on the cards very soon for this prolific batsman.

#2 First Batsman to Score More Than 500 Runs in a Bilateral Series

Virat Kohli

Although there have been players who have scored more than 500 runs in various ICC tournaments carrying multiple teams, none has been able to achieve the feat of scoring 500+ runs in a bilateral series that Virat Kohli so far. He did so against some of the toughest bowling attacks South Africa at their own backyard and this ultimately tells us about the greatness of this legendary player. Moreover, the previous record was set by his compatriot Rohit Sharma who scored 491 runs in a six-match series against the Australian team in 2013 and this was the same series where he scored a double hundred in the process.

Talking about Kohli, his 558 runs against the South African team were simply amazing as all those runs have been scored against a lethal bowling attack in “not so batting-friendly” conditions. Well, this is what Kohli is famous about and this is what he does every now and then!

#1 First Player in Cricket History to Clean Sweep all ICC Awards

ICC Awards 20187

This can certainly be quoted as his biggest achievement so far as never before a cricketer has grabbed all the major awards in ICC awards ceremony but Kohli has become the first-ever cricketer on the planet to grab ICC cricketer of the year, ICC Men’s test player of the year and ICC ODI player of the year at the same time. Whilst we were just talking about his greatness in all the three formats, he literally proved this to even those, who are not amongst his ardent fans.

It’s worth mentioning here that he scored 1322 runs in 13 tests in the calendar year 2018 with an amazing average of 55.08 and when it comes to ODI cricket, he scored 1202 runs in 13 ODIs played with an unbelievable average of 133.55. Moreover, his T20 stint saw him scoring 211 runs in 10 T20s that he played and his 11 centuries in total last year. certainly speaks well about his greatness within that 22 yards battlefield.

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