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Mustard for Cramps

Mustard For Cramps

Mustard for Leg Cramps: It was known as the process by which the muscle contract temporary is causing severe pain and loss of the muscle functioning of the affected muscle. It usually happens suddenly and gets resolved on its own after minutes, hours and sometimes days. Muscle cramps are generated by misfiring nerves rather than dehydration or electrolyte imbalances.

Mustard for Cramps

It normal for a cramp to recur multiple times before it’s gone permanently. The cramp may involve a muscle, many muscles or a part of a muscle. Muscle cramp in a human is very normal, and it gets increased with age. Most of the time cramp occurs in the muscle of leg or feet muscles. Dehydration is the primary cause of the muscles cramps. Intake of no. Medicines may cause to cramp.

The cramp can be avoided by stretching the muscles. There are many ways to overcome a cramp. Some are homemade remedies to overcome a cramp. Mustard is one of the major ingredients to overcome cramps. Unexpected and unwelcome muscle cramps plague everybody’s existence, whether professional athletes or construction workers. Muscle cramps have been occurring since as long as people have been exercising.

Why Mustard Works for Muscle Cramps?

Mustard Cure Cramps

It is commonly listening that mustard is the best way to overcome cramp. The first question that hit in the mind is, what is mustard? Mustard is the third most essential spice after pepper and salt.  Mustard is a paste which is made with the crusted mustard seeds mixed with old wine must.  Mustard plant flower has 4 yellow petals making a cross.

Mustard comes in the family of vegetables. Their families include vegetables like turnips, radishes, horseradish, and cress. Mustard seeds contain edible oil and are rich in proteins. Its a good source of dietary fibers. Mustard paste has various health benefits too. For example: Prevents cancer, improves cardiovascular health, relief from respiratory disorders and curs aches.

In today’s world, the cramps have become the most common problem, and mustard can overcome it. For many years people believe it had a spoon or two of mustard can give relief in cramps in a minute or two. In many big events of sports, coaches instruct their team to swallow mustard for avoiding leg cramps during the games, and they might play well with the help of this.



The deficiency causes cramps in acetylcholine, and the mustard is said to be rich in acetylcholine which reacts immediately after intake and covers up the lack of acetylcholine.

Mustard is considered best than vinegar and pickle juice because it is difficult for a normal person to directly consume vinegar and pickle juice as they taste very abundant and tasteless. Athletes mostly take mustard before their competition or strenuous workout to avoid cramps during their game or training. Athletes consume sweet drinks and or tasting gels during a competition. For many people, however, leg cramps occur at night while a person sleeps and not while hooked up in sports. Such cramps may cause by dehydration, a deficiency of calcium, potassium, or magnesium, or for reasons unknown.

Mustard for leg cramps may provide some relief, and if you try it and it doesn’t work, no harm is done. If it does, it may be for one of the reasons mentioned, or it may be a placebo effect. Either way, ingesting yellow mustard (forget about spreading it on your legs!) is an inexpensive and safe attempt at managing leg cramps. One reason mustard may be effective for this purpose is that the condiment contains acetic acid (in vinegar), which precise the body to produce more acetylcholine. It is a neurotransmitter that efficient muscles to work.


How Does a Teaspoon of Mustard Cure Cramps?

spoon of mustard

There is about 200 mg of sodium in one spoon of mustard, which is the same as a half-pound of Gatorade Endurance,” Carlson-Phillips says. “So two packets of mustard would give some good amount of sodium and prevent cramping. The human body doesn’t care where the sodium comes from, just as long as it gets there.”

Some of the athletes move to fast-food restaurants for a more common source of cramp prevention: mustard packets. Whatever the reason is for mustard’s cramp-preventing characteristics, the ketchup is a tastier option than pickle juice or vinegar, two other home remedies often specified for cramps, whether the   “night cramps “or the athletic induced cramps, that wakes a person from his/her deep sleep. Since it’s difficult for a person to consume vinegar directly under normal state, let single in a state of duress, pickle juice is often given.

Vinegar is a basic ingredient in both pickle juice and mustard. One or two spoonfuls of mustard, the equivalent of a fast-food packet, are all that’s needed to provide relief. Some athletes take mustard before races or strenuous workouts or during a session. Athletes typically consume sweet-tasting gels or sports drinks during activity, so even big fans of mustard might find the taste a little strange in a different context.


Home remedies

Home remedies have been with us from the first day of civilization. Before there were drugs, there were spices, herbs and a wide variety of natural products to help us whenever we feel distressed. With the arrival of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals companies, home remedies fell into rejection. Doctors didn’t learn about home remedies in their medical schools, and drug companies were interested in investing in products that could not be copyright. As a result, doctors often taunt old wives’ tales or other silly solutions for common disorders.

The above-provided information is beneficial for the persons who suffer from cramp regularly and has to bear the pain. These are the homemade remedies one can follow easily. The content is based on information about cramps and mustard used to avoid cramps.

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