Most Catches In IPL: Top 5 Players with Most Catches in IPL


Most Catches by Players In IPL

Indian Premier League has given magnificent moments of crucial end-to-end matches, brilliant batting performances and there have also been moments when bowlers won matches for their team on their own. In the shortest form of cricket, every department of an 11-men team has to fire in all cylinders to bag a win. Hence we cannot deny the importance of the department of fielding in a cricket match and it also becomes more crucial in the shortest format.

Top 5 Players with Most Catches in IPL

Here is the list of the players who took highest catches in IPL


#1 Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina Photo

Suresh Raina is surely one of the most exceptional fielders in the world. He has helped Indian national team with his exceptional fielding coupled with batting blitz in winning many matches. Suresh Raina took a total of 102 catches in 193 Indian Premier League matches so far. Raina has played for Chennai Super Kings in the majority of the IPL seasons except two seasons when he was named the skipper of Gujarat Lions.


#2 AB de Villiers

ab de villiers photos

AB de Villiers, who is also known as Mr 360 degree, is one of the most decorated players in IPL history. ABD has taken 84 catches in 154 matches in Indian Premier League. He stands on the fourth position of the players who tool most catches in IPL. ABD has played for Delhi Daredevils in the initial years of the league after which he joined Virat Kohli’s Royal Challengers Bangalore.


#3 Rohit Sharma

rohit sharma ipl

India’s vice-captain and one of the most destructive batsmen is also a magnificent fielder. Rohit has taken 83 catches in 188 innings played in Indian Premier League. Rohit Sharma has taken a maximum of three catches in a single match for Mumbai Indians.


#4 Kieron Pollard

kieron pollard photo

West Indian players are known worldwide for their athleticism. They are surely one of the most acrobatic fielders in the game of cricket. Kieron Pollard of West Indies has taken 82 catches in 148 matches to stand on the 4th position of the list of the players who took most catches. Pollard has played for Mumbai Indians since the start of the league.


#5 Dwayne Bravo

Dwayne Bravo Photo

Another West Indian player features in the list of the cricketers who took most catches in IPL. All-rounder Dwayne Bravo has taken 74 catches in a total of 134 innings. He has been a part of the CSK team from a very long time.

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