“Mental torture, Death threats and harassment” – Vinesh Phogat breaks down while alleging WFI president

"Mental torture, Death threats and harassment" - Vinesh Phogat breaks down while alleging WFI president

In a recent and a very shocking development, the Wrestling fraternity of India were forced to sit and protest against the president of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) Brij Bushan Singh. The protesting wrestlers are reportedly eager to see Bushan out of office or else they wont play in any competition in the future.

Total of 30 Wrestlers have staged an uproar of protest against the office-bearer Brij Bushan who is being accused of harassing and torturing female Wrestlers during the national camp. All of the 30 Wrestlers are against the possible dictatorship shown by the president.

Among the protesters is Olympic Bronze medalist Vinesh Phogat who is leading the pact. She has been extremely vocal about this issue and has demanded for immediate actions against the people who are involved in it. Her series of allegations began with disclosing that Brij Bushan Singh and his related officials have sexually harassed countless women wrestlers.

Vinesh added that she can name at least 10 Wrestlers who have been recipients in the past and that none of them are willing to come forward and express due to unknown reasons. She even accused Bushan of eating the payment of her foreign coach.

In her own words she said – “I was mentally tortured after the Tokyo Olympics. It was so bad that I was suicidal due to this. What would have my family done if something had happened to me? If anything happens to us wrestlers, the federation should be responsible.”