Meg Lanning talks about the ways of coping up with mental stress during the pandemic

Meg Lanning

Australian women’s national team captain, Meg Lanning, talks about the mental stress people are facing in the current times amidst the deepening tensions during the coronavirus pandemic all over the world. As per, Lanning quoted:

“It’s a very important time to look after people and to make sure they’re coping mentally and physically and there’s been a lot of chat about how we can best do that”

The ICC World Cup-winning skipper expressed her concerns over the mental health of her teammates and her duty as a captain to look after their well-being.

“Cricket’s not immune. For the moment, we’re lucky because of the timing, but the uncertainty about how long this is going to last for is certainly playing on people’s minds.

“As captain, it’s very important that I’m leading the way and making sure everyone is going well.”, she said.

She pointed out that in the coming days, she would be diverting her focus towards the management of the uncertain future she and her teammates are facing owing to these unprecedented circumstances.

Acknowledging their medical and coaching staff, she appreciated them for providing all the necessary resources and looking after the team well.

Lanning was set to feature in the 3rd edition of the women’s version of the Indian Premier League (IPL) known as the Women’s T20 Challenge, which was scheduled to take place in May but has been postponed due to the worsening conditions of the coronavirus outbreak.