5 Greatest WWE Super Show-Down Matches of all time


The pay-per-views in the wrestling world has always been one of the biggest reasons to generate big revenue over the past couple of decades. Wrestling events have been creating an immense impact on the sports entertainment that not only made a star into a superstar but also grabbed the eyeballs of the viewers. World Wrestling Entertainment has popularly known for gifting some iconic pay-per-views to the WWE Universe that include Royal Rumble, Summerslam, Survivor Series and more importantly the biggest wrestling event of them all ‘Wrestlemania’. In recent years, WWE has redefined the ‘Attitude Era’ with some highly-impact events like Greatest Royal Rumble, Crown Jewel, and Super Show-Down.

WWE Super Show-Down has been widely recognized as one of the most talked-about professional wrestling pay-per-views in recent years. The first event took place in 2018, grabbed everyone’s attention with its match card, having Triple H, The Undertaker, The Shield, John Cena and many more. Since then, the WWE Universe has had witnessed some memorable matches between their all-time great wrestlers.

1. Triple H vs The Undertaker

undertaker vs triple h

One of the greatest matches WWE has ever presented is “The End of an Era”  from WrestleMania 28. It is a masterpiece of storytelling and should have been the last time when The Undertaker and Triple H faced each other. Guess what? People bought tickets to the event and paid for the network to watch this iconic battle once again. This time Triple H took his revenge of loss from The Dead Man by attacking him with his trademark sledgehammer. followed by a pedigree to win the match. Shawn Michaels and ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane were at the ringside. Two titans collided with thunderous impact with full of emotions.

2. The Shield vs Strowman, Ziggler & McIntyre


Known as one of the destructive forces in the WWE of the modern era, The Shield ( Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns) reunited against the team of Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre at Super Show-Down pay-per-view. Since the dispute erupted between the Shield members, WWE Universe had been craving to see them together one more time. At the event, The Shield defeated the team of  Strowman, Ziggler & McIntyre, showing the WWE Universe the power of the “Hounds of Justice”.

3. The Undertaker vs Goldberg

Two of the greatest WWE wrestlers of all time, The Undertaker and WWE Hall of Famer Golberg went face-to-face for the very first time at WWE Super Show-Down.  ‘The Spear King’ Goldberg went on to deliver two spears on Undertaker for a near fall. The battle between the two icons lasted for almost 10 minutes after which The Undertaker delivered a power-packed chokeslam on Golberg to win the match. This legendary battle between two titans will always be remembered as one of the most memorable matches in Super Show-Down chronology.

4. Triple H vs Randy Orton

triple h vs randy orton

Super Show-Down also witnessed the renewal of one of the most talked-about rivalries in the WWE business i.e., Triple H vs Randy Orton. Two masters of their own class locked horns after 2010. Both the future Hall of Famers gave their utmost best during the match where Orton performed RKO on The Game, but Triple H survived. As Orton then went for the “Punt Kick”, Triple H reversed his move with a “Pedigree” on him for a near fall. In the end. Orton performed a second “RKO” on Triple H to win the match.

5. Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

charlotte flair vs becky lynch

Women’s Evolution in the World Wrestling Entertainment has been receiving a tremendous response from the WWE Universe. Keeping that in mind, Super Show-Down listed a match between ‘The Man’ and then WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair for the championship. The former best friends showed no signs of easing their war at the event. Flair delivered two high-impact Spears to Lynch. In the end,  Flair applied the “Figure-Eight Leglock” on Lynch, however, she grabbed the title, laying in the ring, and attacked Flair with it, thus Flair won by disqualification, but Lynch retained.

6, Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler

kofi kingston vs dolph ziggler

The year 2019 brought a golden year for Kofi Kingston when he defeated Daniel Bryan for WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 35. He defended his title on several occasions, including his match against Ziggler at Super Show-Down. Kingston delivered his signature move S.O.S. on him In the end, Ziggler performed a “Superkick” on Woods outside the ring and while the referee was distracted, Woods kicked Ziggler that made Kingston perform “Trouble in Paradise” on Ziggler to retain the title.

The upcoming WWE Super Show-Down 2020 wrestling event for their Raw and SmackDown brands, will take place on February 27, 2020, at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This wrestling event will be the third WWE event promoted under the Super ShowDown chronology.