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6 Cricket Teams That You Didn’t Know Existed

Unknown Cricket Team:- Cricket is not just a sport, it has become a religion worldwide but it is played by a few countries. There are 8 test playing nation out of 206 sovereign nation. But only 3 countries have crazy cricket fans and that is India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Cricket Teams That You Didn’t Know Existed

It is the second biggest sport after football in the world. It was originated from England. There are many teams like Afghanistan and Nepal who are trying their best to come in the cricketing limelight. And there are many teams that existed for years but are not in the news due to come reasons. People don’t even know that they exist.

Here are some of the cricket teams that you didn’t know existed:

Allahakbarries Club

Allahakbarries Club

Unknown Cricket Team:- Allahakbarries Club was started in the year 1890 by author J.M. Barrie. He started this club with a group of writers. Some of the writers don’t even know about the game when they started. They were not an athletic team overall. The name Allahakbarries means God is great in Arabic and the name is derived from the word Allah Akbar. The author named the team Allahakbarries because he knew that the team would not gain any victory. Some of the cricketers do not even know how to hold a bat or use the bat when they are at the crease.

Authors Cricket Club

Authors Cricket Club

Unknown Cricket Team:- The author’s cricket club is the oldest cricket team in the world and it is founded by the famous writers PG Wodehouse, AA Milne, and Author Canon Doyle. The Author Cricket Club also went on a foreign tour. They have also written a book named “The Author’s XI: A season of English Cricket from Hackney to Hambledon”.

It is about the history of the cricket club. Tom Holland and Jonathan Wilson are the famous writers who have also played for the team. They have beaten Vatican CC this year and they also have a match against Church of England next year.

Brazil National Cricket Team

Unknown Cricket Team:- We hear about Brazil, the first thing comes to our mind is the game football. But we are not familiar with Brazil playing cricket. It is not a popular sport in Brazil. With a huge population and numerous cricket clubs, cricket has gained its popularity in Brazil in the 19th One of the most famous Brazilian football club Flamengo was also involved in cricket which was founded in 1895. When football in Brazil turned into a religion, the cricket lost its originality and people lost touch with the game in the 20th century. The ICC recognized the Brazil National Cricket Team in the year 2003. One of the most interesting facts about this team is that all the players are natives they are not immigrant like other countries like Germany and Italy.

South Korea Women’s Cricket Team

South Korea Women’s Cricket Team as the name suggests is a cricket team played by women. East Asia is not very popular when it comes to cricket. In order to improve in the field of sports, China is already taking steps. ICC is also helping the most populated country in the world to take up cricket as a sport. South Korea is taking interest in cricket.

South Korea Women’s Cricket Team

They have constructed their first cricket stadium recently for the Asian Games Incheon. The young girls are taking more interest in this game and so they formed their own team i.e the South Korea Women’s Cricket team. They have been bowled out for 49 and 57 still they have the desire to improve. They consider Sachin Tendulkar as their inspiration.

St. Peter’s Cricket Club

The Vatican is a small country with a small population which owns a Cricket club known as St. Peter’s cricket club the saint after whom the main church of the Vatican i.e the focal point of Catholic faith worldwide was named after.

They traveled to England recently for the Church of England XI in a T20 game. The players in the team are all Indians. It has 2 players from Sri Lanka and 1 each from England and Pakistan. Pope who is a football fan went there to receive the team and even posed for a photograph with the team and a bat in his hand.

Iceland Cricket Team

Iceland lacks the ideal condition for a game of cricket to be staged. But this has not stopped them from forming a cricket team of their own. A lot of improvement is required for the game to gain its popularity in Iceland. They have recently joined a European Cricket Council which will make them an affiliate member of International Cricket Council.

Iceland Cricket Team

This encourages and supports the member of the team in spite of facing a lot of difficulties. The Iceland Cricket Team also lack a proper cricket field but still in order to show their love for cricket they went to play against an amateur team from Britain on top of the Langjokull glacier.

So these are the 6 cricket teams which were unable to gain popularity due to some reason. As we all know that cricket was always an interesting game and it is followed by the entire nation. Cricket as a game has reached this height due to the support of the people of the nation. At present cricket is not just regarded as a game but as successful sports worldwide. So it also becomes the duty of the people to encourage these teams to improve their performance and give their best in the world of cricket.

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