“Manchester City only has money”- Patrice Evra shocking comments on Pep Guardiola and Man City


The game of football is unpredictable and yet it was proven right when Manchester City was beaten by Real Madrid in the last minute of the final whistle.

Many football critics have raised a question about Pep Guardiola’s game tactic as they failed to win the Champions League trophy.

Former Manchester United player now turned football analyst, Patrice Evra has strongly condemned Pep Guardiola and Manchester City players on their recent loss to Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Evra took an aim at Manchester City manager this week, saying Pep Guardiola doesn’t want to sign veteran players who can guide the team in the big tournaments like the Champions League and also mentioned the only reason why football players join the club is “MONEY”

Patrice Evra is a former League winner and Champions League winner with Manchester United went full rage on his arch-rival, Manchester City when they were knocked out of the tournament.


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Evra also took his Instagram to make fun of Manchester City’s Champions League history and made controversial statements about Manchester City.

In the recent interview by Marca, Patrice Evra said Pep’s wants to control his team, and results in a lack of leaders in the current squad

“Manchester City needs leaders, but Guardiola doesn’t want leaders,’ the Frenchman said.

“He doesn’t want personality. He’s the leader. That’s why when they’re in trouble they don’t want to. They don’t have anyone on the pitch to help them.

“He chooses his teams like that, he can’t train people with personality. He did it at Barcelona, but he builds his team to control everyone. When things go wrong, he always decides.’

“City have made a mistake, it’s the truth. They are traumatised. They remind me of PSG: they are clubs based on money.