Let’s Rewind some of the most iconic moments of Indian Esports in the year 2023 in detail

Credit should be given to all stakeholders and fans who have worked diligently behind the scenes to make Indian Esports a powerful entity. Indian Esports has undergone enormous transformations in last few months.

According to reports, BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) is prepared to make a return in the Indian market with minimal changes if we look back at the year up until March 2023.

In contrast to before, when you could play the game whenever, the user won’t be able to play it 24 hours a day.

For three months, the ban will be lifted, allowing users to enjoy this well-known game.

The colour red will not be used to represent a deceased player; instead, the colours blue and green will be used.

Based on the reports from INC24, one of the most popular company Fanclash, has almost released 75% of their employees in first three rounds,

In order to prevent addictions where many players were engaged in the violence, changes will also be made to the servers, so that area will also see changes.

Based on reports from Esports Charts, recently Dota 2.0 tournament which was conducted successfully by Skyesports gained a massive viewership of 2,546 where average viewership was close to 543 and when it comes to CS:GO Tournament numbers were quite good where the average number who witnessed the game was close to 72.

They are also playing to start Virtual leagues during Indian Premier League 2023.

The efforts has been taken by stakeholders to build such games which abide rules and regulations of Ministry of Information and Technology in India also ensuring that servers is pretty safe so there is no data leakage of Indian players going forward.