“Prioritize your Physical and Mental Health as BGMI is making comeback soon” reveals NovaKing in an exclusive discussion with Team Esportzcraazy


Credit for the enormous expansion of the Indian esports ecosystem should go to the participants, supporters, and officials who have worked hard behind the scenes.

This well-known sporting ecosystem has greatly increased work prospects in a variety of fields, including those for players, coaches, psychologists, team owners, and statisticians.

As part of our new series, “The Esportzcraazy show with Roach,” we spoke with Novaking about recent events in esports.

During our conversation, we covered a wide range of topics, including the BGMI ban, the initial journey, the thought process behind creating viral content, and the streaming strategy in detail.

Prior to sharing the entire chat, it should be noted that Novaking is a former BGMI player and content creator for Godlike Esports.

On Instagram, where he routinely posts content, he has 130 K followers. He is quite active on Youtube too where he has a subscriber base of 599k followers.

Q-1: What’s your take on Hardwork?

Novaking: In response, I would say that hard work is the only option if you are truly enthusiastic about something and want to achieve great things in life.

Q-2: How confident are you about BGMI comeback?

Novaking: Many people are hesitant about games making a comeback, but I am very confident that games will do so this time. Everyone who is anticipating BGMI’s return should pay attention to both their physical and mental health as the game will undoubtedly return.

Q-3:  Talk a little bit your initial journey? 

Novaking: I can tell you that Godlike Esports was founded by us, followed by IND and Soul over time, and that my professional development followed suit. All I can say is that if BGMI hadn’t changed, events might have taken a different turn. That’s all I have to say to those who want to know whether or not the game will return. I can only guess whether a game will make a reappearance in the first month of January or another month, like March 2023, if there are updates in advance about that game.

Q-4: Have you ever thought about switching towards other Esports game post BGMI ban?

Novaking: Yes, to a certain extent, I enjoy playing BGMI. My journey began with this well-known game, which I greatly appreciate. However, I have considered transferring to other FPS-based games, particularly Valorant Mobile.


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Q-5: Who’s your real life inspiration? 

Novaking: My father, who is 53 and physically healthy, is my motivation. I posted a video of him on my official Instagram account, and after seeing it, I decided to join a gym.

Q-6: Tell a little bit about the ability to make any video viral on gaming? 

Novaking: The main factor in whether a video becomes viral is its consistency, thus you need to make sure that videos are posted consistently. One of these videos might eventually go viral.

Q-7: Talk a little bit your friendship in the gaming community? 

Novaking: As a result, I don’t stay in touch with the players I’ve worked with in the past, but if we do, there is an absolute elegance and we discuss a wide range of topics.

Q-8:  How many streams did you do post BGMI ban? 

Novaking: Post BGMI ban, I still stream twice in a week to connect with viewers.