Javed Miandad lashes out at Umar Akmal


Legendary Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad has sent a strict warning to Umar Akmal, cautioning him to mend his ways and stop getting into disciplinary issues with the management. Akmal has been suspended from playing in the Pakistan Super League under the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) anti-corruption code.

According to reports, Akmal had met with a bookie and withheld the information from the PCB even after the board’s anti-corruption unit presented strong evidence against him, which included the record of a phone call Akmal had with the bookie.

Before the incident with the PCB Akmal had allegedly exposed himself to his trainer after he failed a skin-fold test.

umar akmal

He reportedly asked, “Where is the fat?”

A skin-fold test is a genetic body fat measurement tool that examines the amount of fat the sportsmen have on their bodies. The sportsmen then undergo personalized training sessions depending on the results to improve their endurance, speed, and overall fitness levels. Teams are reportedly switching over to this test as it is a more accurate measurement of body endurance, as compared to the Yo-Yo test or other measures.

javed miandad

Miandad is less than impressed with Akmal’s “cheap antics”. He was quoted by Cricket Pakistan as saying in a YouTube video,

“Umar Akmal, your father-in-law [Abdul Qadir] was a great cricketer. I am warning you on behalf of my late friend that you better mend your ways or else I will hold you accountable on behalf of Qadir, I will request Umar Akmal’s mother and father to control their son.”

Further, the cricketer said, “You can earn so much money from cricket, yet every now and then you indulge in such cheap antics which are inappropriate. You are defaming your country and Pakistan’s former cricketers with your acts. Everyone is condemning you and you are causing harm to your own cricket career.”

“Cricket gives you not only money but also respect. We have left cricket but people still respect us. Kindly improve your conduct, play good cricket and respect everyone.”