It’s not easy to manage football in India as the structure is pretty complex: Ex AIFF Secretary Kushal Das

In Indian football, there has been a new regime transition with Kalyan Chaubey and Shaji Prabhakaran in charge as President and Secretary, respectively.

It is difficult to handle football operations in India, according to Kushal Das, the former secretary of the AIFF, given the country’s lack of culture and intricate organizational structure.

When asked how the new regime was doing, Das responded that it had just been six months and that monitoring development was therefore not the best course of action.

“Six months are too short a time to judge a new committee. But I think they have the right intent. Managing Indian football is very complex and arduous, considering the lack of football culture in the country, except in certain pockets.

“The vastness and diversity of the country, along with limited resources and big expectations from the fans and the stakeholders, add to a lot of pressure.

“However, one thing which is of concern is the high attrition rate seen in the past six months. A lot of senior and mid-level management personnel have left, and considering the limited talent pool in football administration, in fact in all sports, the new management must introspect as this will badly hamper its development plans,” Das said while talking to IANS.

Das also talked about Vision 2047 established by the current AIFF regime, to which said that he has honestly not gone through entire roadmap but added that anything in long term is not fruitful as the mission,vision and another aspect around it change with time.

He added that it will be interesting to see how things will be perceived only time will tell.

“I have not read the Vision 2047 yet, but there are two aspects of a strategic plan. The vision, mission, and value aspects, which are long-term and constant except for minor tweaks, and the operative plan to achieve the same.

Das also expressed his opinion on moving Santosh Trophy outside India as it will not change the perception of this league also time frame of this tournament can be increased and it can be kept in the country.

Das concluded by stating that the tournament can be held in Kerala,North east states where the popularity of the game is already massive.