IOC approves revised Weightlifting qualification system for upcoming Olympics

Tokyo 2020


Tokyo 2020

The revised Weighlifting qualification system for the upcoming Olympics has been approved by International Olympic Committee which now extends the qualification period to April 30th, 2021.

Tokyo Olympics 2020 was slated to take place in summers this year but it has been postponed to next year due to the coronavirus. However, all the results and rankings achieved by weightlifters during the qualifying events held before the cessation of the qualifying that will be retained with no changes in their value.
Due to suspension of the qualifying events caused by COVID 19 pandemic the revised qualification system will run from October 1st, 2020 to April 30th, 2021.

All the remaining matches who were cancelled before will happen this year. The revised qualification system has been developed around clean competition and fairness.

Also, the statement came from IWF(International Weightlifting Federation) which states that “The IWF is deeply conscious of the efforts made by weightlifters and those who support them to pursue their Olympic dreams at Tokyo 2020,” said IWF Acting President Ursula Papandrea. “Preserving their progress was a vital step for us, as was ensuring a similar range of opportunities to those being provided before the pandemic halted the Olympic Qualification System for weightlifting.”

A total of 56 men and 56 women will qualify based on World Ranking collected by IWF. A further 35 men and 35 women will qualify based on continental ranking points collated by the IWF. Three men and three women will be guaranteed the host qualifying status.

There is one thing that is very important is about all the fans who follow the weightlifting competition should know i.e the elements remain unchanged from the Olympic Qualifying System that was originally approved.

There is one thing that officials have to maintain that doping controls are applied by the International Testing Agency when the remaining games resume.