IOC announces the new deadline for the qualification period of Olympics 2021

Tokyo 2020 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has put forth a new deadline for the qualification period of Olympics 2021 via a letter addressed to the National Olympic Committee (NOC). The date decided by the IOC is now 21st June 2021. 

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 are now Tokyo Olympics 2021, suffering cancellation due to the outpouring pressures owing to the global coronavirus pandemic. The Olympics were set to roll out from 24th July this year till 9th August.

Tokyo 2020

“The new qualification period deadline is June 29, 2021, and IFs can define their own qualification period deadlines should the deadline be prior to this date,” said IOC’s letter.

IOC has given the freedom of retaining the selected players of 2020 and also allowed the entry of new participants if they qualify

The IOC has intentions of finalising the qualification system by April, with complete details and specifications on the rules to be followed during the events.

The committee has also made an important decision regarding the age-group limits and their selection criteria.  

“The only exception will be if the IF establishes that the one-year relaxation of the upper age limit represents a safety and/or medical risk for athletes. Regarding the eligibility criteria for the lower age limit, if any, the IOC recognises the full authority of IFs to assess the eligibility of those athletes who are not eligible in July 2020 but meet the lower age limit in 2021”

The Summer Olympics will now be played from July 23 next year as it was postponed this year due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus. However, it will still be called the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.