India Remains on 108th Rank in the FIFA Rankings, no Change Due to COVID-19

India remains on 108th rank in the FIFA rankings, no change due to COVID-19

India remains on 108th rank in the FIFA rankings, no change due to COVID-19

The Indian football team has retained 108th rank in the FIFA rankings on Thursday as International Football has been suspended from the last 3 months due to this pandemic.

As FIFA said in the statement talking about rankings and other aspects related to football in detail “Although club football has slowly restarted or been scheduled to restart in various leagues around the world, the spread of COVID-19 remains an obstacle to the staging of international matches. This has again affected the latest FIFA World ranking, which remains unchanged,”.

Belgium remains at the top ahead of France and Brazil who completes the podium, While England and Urguway remain at the fourth and fifth positions respectively. However, Croatia and Portugal are in sixth and seventh positions followed by Spain, Argentina, and Colombia.

Apart from the top 10 rankings team, 200 other national teams are waiting to get back in action and shake the world’s football hierarchy.

However, still, the qualifying events related to the 2022 World Cup which is scheduled in Qatar will see a lot of changes in the rankings for sure in the future.

India will take on Bangladesh in a home and away match starting on November 12th and will play against Afghanistan in the home condition on November 17th.

All the Football fans will be eagerly waiting for this as the time ISL has come into the domestic structure of Indian Football it has helped a lot of football players to grow and earn a living for themselves even if they are good enough and they don’t make into the national side.