“India Behaves arrogantly and act like Boss” Imran Khan blames BCCI for isolating Pakistan Cricketers

When it comes to trying to establish a cricketing rapport between India and Pakistan, things have gotten bad to worst.

Since 2013, when Pakistan defeated India in the latter’s own backyard, they have not engaged in diplomatic encounters.

Imran Khan, the former prime minister and ex cricketer of Pakistan, recently criticised the BCCI for isolating Pakistani players through the use of financial influence.

The BCCI does not ask Pakistani cricketers to compete in the IPL, he continued, but given the level of ability the Men in Green have, the IPL is no longer necessary for Pakistan players.

“The cricketing relationship between India and Pakistan is extremely unfortunate. There is lot of arrogance which I feel based on how BCCI operates in World Cricket. Because of their ability to generate a lot of funds, more than any other country, I think they almost dictate now as a sort of the arrogance of a super power of who they should play and who they shouldn’t,” Imran told Times Radio on Friday” Imran said while taking to Radio Times on Friday. 

“I would also recommend Youngsters to not worry for not getting an opportunity to play in IPL as BCCI being the most richest cricket board dominates the world cricket as they generate lot of funds and they decide who they will be playing with or not playing against which itself is a daunting and aggressive thing”. 

“If India doesn’t allow Pakistan to play IPL then Pakistan should not worry about it because Pakistan itself has quality young cricketers,” he concluded.

Last time India played a bilateral series against Pakistan in 2005, India cruise through quite convincingly.

In 2013, Pakistan made visit to India where the latter lost the rhythm with the skills and eventually lost the series against Men in Blue.

Based on latest report, India will not travel to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023 in retrospect, Pakistan has threatened to not travel India for Men’s ODI World Cup 2023.