IND vs NZ : Shubman Gill’s eagerness to take slip catches gathered Rahul Dravid’s attention

Rahul Dravid

Shubman Gill has scored three hundreds, including a double century, in the last six One Day Internationals, but it was his slip catching that attracted Rahul Dravid’s attention.

Coach Dravid, who participated in 509 matches for India and recorded a total of 406 catches while primarily stationed in the slip cordon, remarked, “The way you have been coming to us to take more and more slip catches. I believe that something has changed significantly in you over the past six to eight months because of the way you have fielded and how you have handled those receptions. It tells me that something is clicking and you are trying to maximise your potential.

Shubman Gill’s development as a player was highlighted by Dravid, who added, “I just think it’s your hunger and your maturity that I have seen and it’s obvious in very minor things. You’ve always enjoyed to bat, based on the times I’ve seen you when you were a young child. You’ve always enjoyed hitting and getting on base. As a coach, I constantly try to spot in young children a thirst for learning and a drive to get better.

As the two spoke after winning the ODI series against the Kiwis, Dravid was all praise for Gill while speaking on his cricketing maturity.

In terms of non-wicketkeeper catches in Test cricket, Rahul Dravid holds the record of most no. of catches(210) in test cricket.