Eden Hazard’s kick earned this ball boy Millions of money!

Eden Hazard's kick earned this ball boy Millions of money!

On the expense of a Red card!

Perhaps there is a reason why Football is known as the Beautiful game. It has the capability of changing innumerous lives even of those who are having their career around it but not playing it. Today in this piece, let’s know about Swansea Ball boy who was caught in the act and made millions afterwards.

Back in 2013 when Eden Hazard was playing for Chelsea and before he rocked up Stamford Bridge, the Belgian got sent off for kicking a ball bay on the ribs during a League cup tie against Swansea City. Its been almost 10 years since that incident took place and now that boy has a net worth of around 40 Million Euros.

Before we get into how Charlie Morgan (the ball Boy) became a multi-millionaire we must talk of his antics to help his favorite football club win a silverware after 7 years.

Swansea City had welcomed Chelsea for the 2nd leg of Capital One Cup or the Carabao Cup Semi-final at home. They had an away advantage of 2-0 at Stamford bridge and all they had to was stop the visitors from scoring. In the 77th minute during a Chelsea attack the ball goes out of play for a Swansea goal kick.

A 17-year-old Ball boy was seen collecting the ball and lay over it with an out of time Eden Hazard trying to get the ball to play. He got agitated because of the boy’s refusal to let the ball go and Hazard launched a kick towards the ball boy’s ribs and finally got the ball.

“The ball boy came into the changing room and we had a quick chat. I apologized and the boy apologized as well, and it is over. Sorry” – Hazard issued an apology later

The recipient Charlie Morgan was then seen struggling with pain and Hazard’s decision was not welcomed by the referee. After a brief word with Frank Lampard, the ref showed a straight red to Hazard and Swansea squeezed through to the Final.

After that kick, Charlie Morgan walked by the sidelines and received cheers from the fans with a hand on his ribs. He is now 27-years-old and runs a premium line of Vodka which has proliferated his net worth. Following that kick, he became a meme content for some and his fan following rose in Social media.

Despite being the son Swansea City’s director, Charlie’s idea of producing a shape shifting business of Vodka has made him enter the Times young rich list. He noticed a gap in the Vodka industry and released his own line of flavored Au Vodka which has received appreciation world wide.

It is certified by Floyd Mayweather and Ronaldinho, so that must mean “Business is blooming”.