Important facts about FIFAe World Cup which we should know in detail

Before we dive deep into important facets of FIFAe World Cup we must first understand the backdrop of this marquee event as the competition was previously known as FIFA Interactive World Cup conducted by FIFA with the support of their presenting partner EA Sports

It is an open qualifying format that provides an opportunity for a million gamers to compete in initial online stages and the recent tournament was held in Umut Gultekin in Germany. 

FIFAe World Cup

The inaugural edition of FIFAe World Cup took place in 2004 in Switzerland over the years the numbers have grown exponentially at a brisk pace.

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In October 2020, FIFA eWorld Cup was rebranded into FIFAe World Cup as part of organizers announcing that the next event will be termed as FIFAe esports tournament series

Let’s have a look at some of the results of the competition in the tabular format below:

Serial Number and Year Winning Team name and Score
1 (14-17 th July 2022)(Copenhagen) Umut won by 5-4 on Penalty shoot-out)
2 (2-4th August 2019)(London) Mohammad Harkous won competition with an aggregate score of 3-2
3(16-18th August 2017  London ) Spencer Ealing won the tournament with an aggregate score of 4-0
4(20-22nd March 2016, New York) Mohammad Al – Bacha won the tournament with an aggregate score of 5-5 aggregate(based on away goals)

Let me explain the formats based on which this marquee event is conducted across phases: 

  • Online Qualification: The Online qualification of this event takes place on networks like Xbox and PlayStation where players having access to the latest version of EA sports can participate based on the 2022 edition 128 players have been selected for FIFA Global series where 74 qualified based on their performance in regional qualifiers and 54 qualified via partner leagues. 


  • Grand Finals: Once the Online qualification is done next big thing is Grand Finals and based on the latest update in the 2022 edition, games will be played on the PS5 console. 


  • World Ranking: The concept of World ranking has been introduced to help seed top players in advance based on their previous results and the ranking which will be taken into consideration will be the perfect combination of the current edition and previous FeWC Grand Finals. 

All the matches of FIFAe World Cup will be broadcasted live on Youtube and Twitch and if reports are to be believed some of the TV channels have also expressed keen interest in telecasting matches on their platform live. 

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