Things about Atari Video gaming company and architect behind creating this company “Nolan Bushnell” you must know as Esports fans

Atari” a name which you might have forgotten or don’t have much idea about if you are the early starters in the field of video games. In order to describe them in few words I would like to quote them as “One of the early pioneers of Video games in the world and known for inspiring other companies to develop their games and make it big later”.

They were American producer of arcade games and initially they started with coin based concept of Arcade games under the division of Atari Inc and later they spilt into company in 1984 and it was the same time they were sold to Warner Communications.

The Company went on to develop different arcade and console based games which include the likes of Commodore 16, Commodore 64, Game Boy, Nintendo Entertainment system and others. They ceased their operations in 2003 and assets of the company were sold to Warner Bros company and Interactive Entertainment in the year 2009.

Let’s talk about some of the games they developed from their inception in 1984 with Marble Madness followed by games like Paperboy, Gauntlet, Road Runner and Xybots between the period of 1985-1987 respectively.

The development of different games runs till 1998 but it wasn’t easy ride for them as many games that they developed were cancelled which includes a bigger list in which different games are included-PrimalRange II, Metal Maniax, Subs, Tenth degree and Vicious Circle.

Let me tell you about an interesting person known as “Nolan Bushnell” who many pundits referred as “Father of Video Games” stressing more on what he do just in case you are not much aware about him and new to the gaming ecosystem he is an American Businessman and an Electrical Engineer and established different units- Atari Inc divison and Chuck E Cheese Pizza Time Theatre Chain.

For his contribution in the field of Video games he was inducted in the “Video Game Hall of Fame” and “Consumer Electronics Association Hall of Fame” and also received “BAFTA fellowship” and he also featured in Newsweek magazine under the category of “50 Influential people who Changed America“.

He is credited for “Bushnell’s law” which was all about games based on the foundation of “Easy to learn and difficult to master” being rewarding.

He is known for starting at least 20 companies and the latest company he formed was Brainrush in 2012 where video gaming technology is used in educational software.

He also featured in the documentary film called as “Something Ventured” which was based on the concept of venture capital development. He was also seen in an animated TV show “Code Monkeysin Episode 3 of Season 1.

Many of you would wonder why he was called the Father of Video games and to answer it in a simple word will be his contributions towards establishing arcade game market and the creation of Atari who are the early pioneers of video gaming ecosystem in the world earned him that title from Esports expert.