The Inspiring tale of an Indian passionate player who made a brilliant career in Esports

After the popularity of Esports in India and with improving technology and infrastructure now the younger generation of players think that gaming will help them in changing their lives. There are many streamers in India but a lot of them face criticism in the beginning of their career, as parents were not supportive to create a career in the gaming industry, but a lot has changed in the last few years as now the parents support them while they play.  

Maheshkumar Brahmbhatt started gaming at an early age of 15; the odds were completely against him in becoming best Esports player of India. He had raw talent and that spike for gaming, but the problem is that he could only afford a cheap low-end phone, the latest versions of the games struggles to run properly in cheap low-end phones. Moreover, in his hometown there were immobilized slow internet speed and regular power cuts which interrupts him while playing.


His parents were not supporting his childhood hobby of gaming.  “Whenever I played, they told me to stop and to go study instead,” says Brahmbhatt, who is now 23 and goes by the alias Prince. “It wasn’t until I won some prize money in a competition and started to help my father out financially that they said, ‘OK – you can do this’.”

Finally in 2019, Prince and his other three teammates won a prize worth $20,000 when they came third in the Multiplayer Battle Royale Game popularly known as PUB-G (PlayerUnknown`s Battlegrounds) Mobile Cup Open (PMCO’2019). Prince gave his share of winnings to his father, who runs a small ghee store and was heavily in debt.

Prince continued to compete in PUB-G E-sports tournament while obtaining his degree in Computer Science. He formed a team which includes players like Spraygod, Aladin, and Sarang, and he met everyone online. In early 2020 a local company called Grapple Creation X (GcX) owned by Santosh Pechetti bought the team and named the team “7Sea” after the seven popular river =s that flow into India.

When an investor buys an E-sports team, then they can provide with practical and financial support like gaming devices and computers and in exchange, they take a small share from the winning amount.

In September 2020, the Indian government banned 117 Chinese-owned apps including PUB-G Mobile, due to a military standoff with China at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) , Later that year in December 2020 Chinese publisher Krafton announced the release of Battleground Mobile India which is only made for Indian users.

“Their potential is massive,” says Ampverse chief strategy officer Charlie Baillie. “We believe that with the right backing and resources, we can turn 7Sea into not just a hugely successful gaming team, but something much bigger: a lifestyle brand that resonates with young Indians.”

In past few months, 7Sea has won first place in the India Today Dangal Championship and second place in Sky E-sports Championship 3.0.

“My only aim is to be number one – not number two, or number three,” Prince says. “I want to win. That’s what I live for.”