Valorant Voice Evaluation will be starting from July 13th 2022

Riot is all set to update its Privacy Notice and Terms of service to combat the recent increase in disruptive comms and hurtful comments passed on by not-so-fellow players.

Valorant will be launching a voice evaluation system to allow them to record and listen to the in-game communications when a player reports any other player for disruptive behavior that goes against the communication rules.

Valorant Characters

Earlier this year, Valorant mentioned that as a part of their current system that fights disruptive conduct, voice evaluation will find a way to verify the violation of behavioural policies. This would also help us share back to players what resulted in a penalty.

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On the 13th of July, Riot Games will begin a Voice Evaluation System, as a Beta launch, to train the language models before the mainstream launch later this year.

Valorant promises to make the common playing grounds a less intimidating and more safe arena for those who come here to relax.

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