How to become a WWE Wrestler? – WWE Guide

How to become a WWE Wrestler?

One of the most entertaining scripted shows for generations now and it is never easy to become a wwe wrestler. It takes a good amount of decent routine and heavy hard work to reach there.

In this column, we will guide you how to become a WWE Wrestler

Steps to Become a WWE Wrestler

To become a WWE Wrestler, you should be following steps listed below:

Join a Sports or Wrestling Team

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It is always important to be smart and energetic. Always have a regular sports activity which makes your body flexible, which helps you succeed in the field easily.

Strength Training

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Not only mad workout, strength training becomes very important in this field. Core strength will decide the growth of a person this WWE circle. It takes huge body balance and strength for success in this field. For gaining this, try not only workout for the body building, you can also spare the time for the strength workout.

Muscle Gain

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A great shoulder, a well-shaped triceps, gigantic thighs and proper skills, if you have these qualities, you are almost there in the field of WWE.

Decent Diet

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A hard diet is not compulsory, but a decent and flexible diet with proper workouts will do for the good growth in this level.  A good meal with less fat and a workout for muscles will make it easy in just a few months.

Having a Perfect Fitness Trainer

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It is always a gain if we have support. With proper support we can achieve anything in a right manner according to its protocol.  It is always great to train under a fitness trainer as it will also improve the quality of daily life which will result in the quality of concentration.

Join an Independent Wrestling Unit

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Wrestling class will help in grasping techniques of the sport from basics to core which will be useful in developing skills for the wwe level. It also automatically helps in developing skills for the core strength.

Focus on Your Cardio

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Cardio will make us lean; this is the biggest myth going around the conversation happening in the world. Cardio is fine till you manage it with a proper follow up workout. A high intensity cardio for 30 minutes a day always helps you to keep you in shape.

A proper follow up work out will help you manage your strengthening department. You can maintain this routine for 5 days a week and make two days as rest days to help your muscle and shape grow.

Join for Dance Class or Gymnastics

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Your moves are extremely important to get a high market in the WWE field; you can just join for dance class or gymnastics to improve your flexibility which a gym workout cannot give. Improving this will also helps in your muscle growth and you will be able to fetch results in your fitness department also.

Practice Acting

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Use your mirror for acting rather than sticking it for grooming alone, rock is a trained actor which made him a movie star today. Practicing acting in various emotions especially of an acting sequence which help you groom that part of your facial expression well. If it is not helping you, do an acting course in a good institute and you will be able to get it done well.

Train in Taking Bumps

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Learning to rise is important, learning to fall in the correct manner is even more important.  Training in bumps will make you understand the art of falling properly. You will have also learned chain wrestling, striking, locking up and the list goes on.

You will learn all those once start training for taking bumps. If you don’t train in art of proper falling down, obviously you are going to hurt yourself.

Be Unique

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You need to have your own style no matter how weird it is.  Train your moves in a unique way that make people talk about your own style. Unique moves you do will surely go viral and the reach you get for it will be next to unbelievable. Go home, just check your strength, find out your uniqueness and master yourself in it by good amount of practice.

Avoid Stage Fear

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Avoid the nervousness of stage when thousands of people are watching you. A confident speech in the stage shows its high quality in your lifestyle and improves every aspects of your life. Why should you be afraid? No one is god here, every one of us is normal human being, never be afraid of anyone and be highly confident when you deliver speech in the mike.

This makes you more attractive and people will start loving you for that kind of mannerisms. You can always start this by searching for speeches in YouTube and practicing in front of mirror.

Practice Proper Mike Speech

roman reigns mike speechImage Source

Practice mike speech always, a proper speech in mike is always important in wwe field and clarity is what matters when you talk in MIKE. Always check that your mike is working properly and then start talking so that you will not be collapsing in the middle. A proper clarity in mike always raises your quality in speech. An error in your mike speech can cause serious damage for your speech.

Once upon a time, it was possible in TV. Nowadays Indians can participate in that level. It can be well developed into several WWE championships. It is not just a fun as watching; only hard work and proper training can get you there. Only try this on the sport circle and the ring, never in schools and colleges and at home. Give it a huge amount of practice and dedication to make your childhood fantasy into reality. Follow all the above process and you will be able to achieve anything and everything you desired for.  It is always said proper efforts and hard work always pay off well. A rigorous and determined training could get you to your possible destination. Who knows, once a fantasy could also become a reality in future.

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