Funny Banter Between Five Times IPL Champions, Check Out

Funny Banter Between Five Times IPL Champions, Check Out

In the 16th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL), Chennai Super KingsĀ defeated Gujarat Titans in the championship game to win their fifth title, tying a record. With CSK and MI now tied for first place, their ex-players Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard got in a funny argument over which team had the most success in the IPL. Bravo even posted a video of the argument between him and Pollard to Instagram, pleading for followers to help him resolve it.

In the clip, Pollard asked Bravo how it felt to have five IPL championships, which kicked off the conversation. The former MI all-rounder bragged about his three years as a five-time champion while the former CSK great has only recently joined him in that level.

Pollard has won all of his championships as a player, but according to Bravo, he has also felt that sensation as a coach and a player.

The two players also compared their entire performance in franchise cricket; Bravo claimed to have 17 trophies altogether while Pollard only had 15.

“I have 17 trophies in franchise cricket,” I said. What number do you have?Bravo enquired. Pollard claimed that the count had not been kept.

Please help me resolve this conflict, Kieron.In the opinion of pollard55, the Chennai IPL is the most successful IPL team, not his team. He also wants to discuss awards, @kieron.pollard55, @kieron.Pollard55, you are still at #15 in the “Sir Champion” rankings, according to Bravo.

With five championships each under their belts, CSK and MI are tied for first place in the IPL title standings. So, it’s still unclear which of these two teams has been the “most successful IPL franchise” in history.