BGMI Launch Party: 64 teams, 4 Days, One Winner and other information in Detail

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With the return of the game, the emotions of the Indian esports audience are finally back, and so is the launch party. To celebrate the return of the game, Krafton has organised a launch party in which all the content creators and BGMI partners are playing, for a total of 64 teams.

The launch party will be in 3 rounds and will be played for 4 days. On days one and two, Round 1 will be played between the 64 teams, which are divided into different groups. Round 2 will begin on day 3, in which the finalised 32 teams will compete in order to move forward towards Round 3. The final 16 teams that qualified will compete in the grand finals.

Also, an exciting new prize distribution rule is being added to the launch party event in which any team can use a finish card or position card in order to multiply the finish point by 2 times and the position point by 1.5 times, respectively. But there is a limitation to this rule: the finish card and position card can only be used once a day.

This new rule is definitely going to change the overall competitive meta of the event, and it will be more thrilling and fun to watch teams using finish cards and position cards.

The 64 teams are being divided into 4 groups: Groups A, B, C, and D. A total of six matches will be played on Day 1 of the BGMI launch party. The schedule for Day one will start with the match played in the Erangel map at 4:34 PM, followed by Sanhok at 5:20 PM, and then a Panfight match at 6:08 PM.

The fourth match will be in the Sanhok map, which will be played at 7:03 PM, followed by the fifth match in the Pan fight at 7:50 PM, and then the last match in the Erangel map at 8:39 PM.

It’s going to be fun for the audience to watch their favourite gamers compete against each other, and it is possible that this launch party is going to create peak viewership records on Youtube.