Frank Lampard nominated as Premier League manager of June month

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frank lampard

Chelsea FC boss Frank Lampard has been nominated as the Premier League manager of June month for the side’s unbeaten streak in the league. 

Under Lampard’s leadership, the club have defeated the likes of Aston Villa and Manchester City during the month of June, with the last win of the month coming against Leicester City (1-0). 

For this award, the results of March has also been considered after the coronavirus pandemic stalled the league for almost three months. 

In his tenure, Lampard has been nominated for the third time as the manager of the month, out of which, he had won it back last October. Even then, his side didn’t drop a point, owing to the winning streak over all the teams they played against. 

Other managers who have been nominated this time are Steve Bruce (New Castle United), Nuno Espirito Santo (Wolverhampton Wanderers) and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (Manchester United). However, Lampard secured the highest points, beating his contenders for the award of the month. 

Lampard has been really rolled the dice on his side’s favour by making key changes in-game management skills and making use of the most appropriate player at a particular moment during the match. He has earned a widespread appreciation from the fans and game pundits for his multifaceted skills. 

The final results will be announced on July 10 and the voting for the same closes on Monday i.e, July 6. 

Chelsea is currently 4th in the Premier League standings with 54 points and scheduled to face Watford in its next PL fixture on Sunday.