Five top Esports Teams in India

Esports in India have grown immensely over the past few years. It is expected that the Esport market in India will take a leap of 46% CAGR from $2.5 Billion to $11 Billion by Financial Year 2025. As the territory of Esports is pretty new in India and there is lot an ardent Sports lover can explore and make a career out of this new domain.  Let`s talk about top 5 E-sports teams in India:

  • Orange Rock: Orange Rock is the most Dominant BGMI team in India, whose headquarter is in Larkspur California and have total earnings of $ 127,561.
  • Total Gaming: It is an Indian gaming organization that entered the E-sports world via Free Fire. The captain of the team is FozyAjay and has total earnings of $91,879. They also won the Team of the Year award at Free Fire E-sports Awards 2021.
  • Celtz: Celtz was an Indian Pub-G mobile team who entered the Esports world in the year 2019; they have the total earnings of $43,048.
  • MegaStars: MegaStars is an Indian professional gaming organization competing in Pub-G mobile, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. They have the total earning of $46,903
  • Fnatic: Fnatic is a professional gaming organisation located in India and United Kingdom, competing in Pub-G. Fnatic got banned in the year 2020. They had the total earning of $24,384, and according to the statement from Fnatic, releasing the players allows them to seek opportunities in other regions and they will resume its presence in the title once it become viable again to do so.

E-Sports will keep on growing in India as many young gamers are streaming games via their youtube channel and tapping into the world of E-Sports ecosystem which is certainly the future.