“Fielder ke Haath mein Gayil” Fans went crazy on social media after IPL 2023 comes up with Bhojpuri Commentary Panel

Various language commentary panel has been added to  IPL 2023, making it larger and better than ever. One language that really steals the show is none other than Bhojpuri.

Jio has enlisted well-known actor and member of the Bhojpuri industry  Ravi Kishan for the Bhojpuri Commentary Panel, where he worked his wizardry on the mic.

The Bhojpuri panel and other experts have both done fantastic work.

Since fans began praising Jio Cinema team for introducing the language to cricket commentary, Bhojpuri commentary has become an immediate hit and is currently the most talked-about commentary team in the IPL.

All of these words coming out of commentators’ mouths, whether “Ganda fek dele” or “Fielder ke haath main Gayil,” have been extensively applauded on social media.

The real spirit of regionalism is honoured by the Bhojpuri Commentary panel, according to many fans and experts.

One of the most widely used languages in India is bhojpuri, which is widely spoken in eastern UP and Bihar.

Ravi Kishan shared this news on his social media and kept on thanking broadcasters for telecasting commentary in this language.

The language will connect people from UP and Bihar to this game globally.

The ongoing season of IPL is broadcasted on 12 distinct languages of India which include the likes of Bhojpuri, Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjab, Oriya, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali.

One language which has captured everyone’s attention is Bhojpuri where many fans are uploading their videos on social media where they are trying this language for the first time and calling it the most epic ever.

This is the wonderful step taken by Broadcasters for streaming games in distinct languages as watching sport like Cricket in our regional language help us to connect wider with the game and our understanding towards the game enhances to next level.