Everything that happened on Day 1st of VCT Masters Copenhagen in detail

Guild Esports and KRU esports, the champions of Day One of the VCT Masters Copenhagen, squared off in the second match of the day. Reykavik Optic Gaming and LOUD, the winners of the VCT Masters, were defeated by Guild and KRU, respectively, sending them into an elimination match.

The Guild Esports outclassed Optic Gaming and defeated them to win the series 2-0; in the decisive game, KRU defeated LOUD. The winner of the map would advance to the Playoffs, raising the stakes significantly.

KRU first vetoed Split while Guild vetoed Haven, KRU’s preferred option. Then KRU decided to play their strong map, Bind, whereas Guild C selected to play their strong map, Fracture.

KRU Esports
KRU Esports

While Guild banned breeze, a map they never play, and KRU elected to prohibit Ascent, icebox continued to serve as a neutral zone for both teams.

Bind began the game attacking with KRU, winning rounds, but Guild successfully defended and took the first half 7-5.

In order to force overtime, KRU’s defence was able to shut down the Guild’s site and duplicate what the Guild did to draw the game.
KRU attacked and eliminated the site attackers to win the assault round and, on defence, completely decimated Guild’s Attack to win their choice of the 14th and final map in overtime.

On assault, the Guild won the first three rounds of Fracture, but KRU managed to win the following three. However, Guild picked up steam once more and took a 9-3 lead into the break.

Guild managed to protect their sites after losing the first two defensive rounds to win the half 13-6 and tie the series at one.
Icebox had a strong start for Guild, winning the first two rounds, but KRU went on a five-round winning streak. KRU’s defence was eventually defeated by Guild, who ultimately accumulated five rounds to end the half 5-7.

Guild made a great defensive start, winning four of the first five rounds to tie the score at nine. The momentum seemed to change in Guild’s favour after they won the following two rounds. Mazino’s, though, managed to put KRU on the defensive and level the match 12-12 to force overtime.

In the second overtime period, Russ and Mazino engaged in a battle of the sages, murdering each other as the teams traded defensive quarters. Guild was able to blindside the A defence in the most recent overtime to win the offensive half.

Despite being down a man on defence, the team outperformed KRU by reading their position and neutralising the spike to win the map 16-14 and the match 2-1.
With this triumph, Guild became the only group-stage team from the VCT Master Copenhagen to advance to the Playoffs stage.

The following day, KRU would now play the winner of the Optic/LOUD game.

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