All You want to know about Electronic Indian Super League Sports in detail

Indian Super League which is touted as the one of the biggest football tournaments in the country have seen a huge surge in the rise of viewership and the recently concluded final between HFC and KBFC which went down the wire and ultimately former emerged as the winner via Penalty Shoot-out by 3-1 due to brilliant saves from LaxmiKanth Kattimani.

The question arises what is Electronic Indian Super League tournament let’s understand this new initiative taken by Football Sports Development(FSDL) in detail.

FSDL collaborated with South Indian Esports Company “NODWIN  Gaming” announced the launch of eISL  and they become first competitive league of the country ventured into competitive gaming in EA Sports.

eisl has turned out to become next interesting platform to engage the growing number of Football fans in India with the rapid advancement in the field of Esports.  NODWIN gaming are the tournament organizers for Electronic Indian Super League.

Taking more about the first edition of eISL it all started from November 20th 2021 and the final match of the tournament was played on March 20th 2022 with a whooping prize pool of Rs 74 Lakh and additional 4 Lakh Prize money was decided for the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

22 esports athletes , 11 male and 11 female each participated to represent all 11 ISL clubs and the equal number of players in both and female category drive more inclusivity with the growing female presence in the esports ecosystem.

117 matches were played in the inaugural edition of Eisl which will also serve as qualifying event to the “EA SPORTSTM FIFA22 GLOBAL SERIES 22 Playoffs”.

“Says Martin Bain, Chief Executive Officer at FSDL, “Fan engagement is one of the key factors to building a sport and expanding its footprint. The growing online gaming landscape in India provides a great opportunity to engage with the next generation of fans in the country. The esports experience is vital to the future of football and we continue to evolve towards its growth.”