Chemin Esports- Indian organisation which is perfect amalgamation of content creation and talent management

One of the most popular sporting ecosystem on this planet in the form of “Esports” is all set to reach greater heights in future.

The advent of technology and the inception of different mobile games have played a vital role in pushing this new sporting ecosystem to turn into monster giants.

These giants will not only create job avenues for passionate players but they will provide employment opportunities to game fanatics in the field of operation, sales, marketing, talent management, and content creation.

An Indian organisation who have perfectly balanced the art of content creation and talent management is Chemin Esports who have grown immensely in last 2 years.

PUBG maker Krafton have recently announced iQoo as their title sponsor of BGMI 2022 Esports tournaments

With their recent collaboration with Rooter which is India’s largest gaming platform, these two will be creating exciting content which can potentially reach upto audience of 500 Million+ Gamers and Sports Fans. Based on reports, conducted by different media outlets, the Live streaming market is estimated to reach USD 4290 million by 2028.

More about Chemin Esports?

The organisation was formed in 2020 and in limited span, they have become one of the leading BGMI and Free Fire teams in the country.

Individually both these teams have won the competition at the highest level with the BGMI team finishing as runner up in Skyesports Mobile open and Free fire team won Esortz Premier 2021.

The word “Chemin” means “Path” in French was established to provide platforms for gamers, content creators, and athletes to provide them diverse opportunities.

We recently had an opportunity to interact with the team of Chemin Esports where we talked about the gaps in the Esports industry, content creation, boot camp and their future vision in detail.

“Esports Industry is in the nascent stage and there is a lot of work that needs to be done in this fastest-growing ecosystem. We are working hard to build our future IPs in the field of content creation and talent management. Our boot camp is in Gurgaon where players practice every day and the future plan is to become one-stop destination for content creation, talent management, and video games” Ishan Verma said while taking to Esportzcraazy.

Taking more about the founding members of the company, Ishan and Diptanshu where the former belongs to the Infra field and later comes from an engineering background.

Diptanshu has worked with the esports board in the past and they have recently rented a villa in Gurgaon which is a fancy space with an active team size of more than 50 people which includes 26 content creators, and 16-17 esports player. They are all set to launch two more roasters- Pokemon Unite and Apex Legends soon.

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