Is NFT beneficial or harmful for gamers?

In last few months NFT(Non Fungible Tokens) have broken the internet and several video game artist, influencer and streaming companies are cashing the concept of NFT  to add new dimension in their video gaming ecosystem.

Just like every coin has two face the same principle applies to every facets of life and NFT is no different as many gamers have mixed opinions when it comes to using them in video games.

Some believes that use of NFT in video games will bring huge downroar in the gaming market due to high price and most gamers would not be able to purchase it which might crash this gaming ecosystem.

Other believes that with the advent of NFT we might see different video games in the form of NFT icons/skins/avatars/etc which player can somehow earn and then sell but in the hindsight spending for $500 for skin will not make any sense.

However, Gamers have started making money around 300-500 dollars per month by playing NFT based games. One of the most promising NFT based games is “CryptoServal” and best thing about these games are the decentralized version which means your favourite Avtar, gun and character remains with you and many conventional gamers have already shifted towards NFT based gaming due to immense potential it offers to users.

Some of other popular NFT based games are- Battle Of Guardians: Best NFT Fighting Game, Idle Cyber: Best Play To Earn NFT Game,  Axie Infinity,  MetaWars, Splinterlands: Best Ready-To-Play NFT Game, Sandbox 3D, Gods Unchained: Best Free-To-Play NFT Game,  Sorare, Lightnite and Star Atlas.

Just in case you are wondering what is NFT based games to answer it in simple word -is playing those games who incorporate NFTs along with using it in the form of rewards.

The other simple method to earn money by playing NFTs based games is to collect in-game assets which include-skins, avatars, weapons and after collecting those assets you can sell them in the secondary marketplaces to earn good profits.

Based on the popularity, NFT is gathering these days several gaming companies are incorporating NFTs in the metaverse world where the same NFTs can be traded in whole new dimension.

Overall if you analyse reports from different media outlets. NFT can be boon for gamers if they understand the basics terminologies of cryptocurrencies, NFT and how they can be used perfectly while playing games.