Indian Esports News: Esports Federation of India to launch programmes to select team for Asian Games


The Esports Federation of India(ESFI) recently launched “Road to Asian games” programme in partnership with multiple INOX chain to select Indian team for the upcoming Asian games.

The programme will start from March 20th to April 10th 2022, where ESFI will tying up partnership with INOX Leisure Limited. The Indian Team will be finalized based on the competition of different competitive tournaments. This all came at right time as the Indian Esports team will be competing in the upcoming Asian Games.

Esports will be making its debut in the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzou, China later this year. Online training of these players will be provided by International Esports Federation and Asian Electronic Sports Federation during the event.

It will be helpful for couple of players like “Tirath Mehta” who won bronze medal in 2018 Asian Games held at Hearthstone. He will be aiming to replicate the same performance in the upcoming Asian Games.


INOX  and ESFI have joined hands to coach and train the Indian team to promote Esports in the country.

“With the introduction of Esports as a medal event in 2022 Asian Games and demonstrative event at Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, it is overwhelming to see how corporates are now coming forward and supporting Esports,” Mehta said.

“As a player, such backing gives us a sense of assurance that the ecosystem will continue to strengthen and we as a Esports players will be benefiting from such associations.”

We are thrilled to bring the action of Esports to the cinemas of INOX in collaboration with Esports Federation of India,” INOX Leisure Limited CEO Alok Tandon said.

“We believe, this will help us popularize Esports at a much faster pace in our country. With Esports gaining global significance, there cannot be a better time for us to fulfil this responsibility.”

Esports gaming is slowly and steadily gaining the popularity in India with huge market space in India it is expected to grow at tremendous rate in years to come.




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