Esports latest update: Immortals secures three year crypto deal with Bitstamp

Esports is slowly and steadily expanding their wings all over the world and be it introducing more games, introducing college where dedicated esports learnings will be imparted to allow usage of crypto and NFT for playing virtual Esports tournament.

The latest to join the advancement is none other than Immortals who have bagged three year partnership with Bitstamp and they will become the organisational official cryptocurrencies exchange along with serving as founding partner.

These two companies will work on variety of domains now which will involve series of activations, focus on the creation of new content creator team for delivering quality content for user.

They will be focusing on three important initiatives which will play key role in their partnership where the first project will be creation of ‘Team Bitstamp‘ where they will engage the team of content creators who will serve as Bitstamp ambassador as well as developing gateways and streams for promoting cryptocurrencies.

The second project will be ‘Immortals Invasion’ in which they will be planning the activations for the upcoming Leagues of Legends World Championship 2022.

They will be focusing on variety of topics like in-person events, activation, vlogs, and other type of content.

The third project that they have announced is ‘LCS Trigger Program‘, where they will initiate reward programmes for LCS viewers.

It’s a priority for us as an organisation to show up for our community and bring them value through innovative partnerships like this one with Bitstamp, the longest-running crypto exchange in the world. This partnership will further enhance the Immortals fan experience with real, tangible benefits that connect the crypto and gaming worlds.” Revealed Jordan Sherman who is serving as the CEO of Immortals.

Based on their partnerships, it would not be surprising to say that these two will explore the opportunities of crypto and NFT activities.

According to reports from different media outlets, these two have also discussed about imparting the education of cryptocurrencies among its users which is very important part of their partnership.

However, this is not the first time Immortals have signed a strategic deal with a crypto based company in the past they had a short term alliance with where these two work together for running influencer campaign.