Let’s understand the meaning of popular Esports word “Community battle pass” especially in reference to VALORANT?

In late 2000, world was changing quickly with the adamant of new technology popularly known as Social Media where the companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter gave us opportunity to enhance our followers along with connecting our friends through online medium.

There is a very popular saying in English that after every 10 years, a new technology with modified version take over the old one and the latest to join the bandwagon is Facebook who have changed their orientation of becoming Meta Verse Company from Social Media Company in future.

The perfect trio consisting  of Web 3.0, Meta Verse and NFT are the future and their growing popularity clearly indicates that they are here to stay and make a big impact.

Esports being another sector  which is growing at a humungous rate all over the world with Bangladesh recently bagged a global sponsorships in form of Tencent for their Esports event.

The games like Dota 2, Counter Strike GS, Valorant and Free Fire are the ones which are enjoyed the most by budding Esports player and when they stream these games on Twitch which is a popular American live video streaming service and these elements have contributed significantly to take the popularity of Esport events to another level.  Here we will be emphasising on “Battle Pass term” in reference to Valorant Esports event in detail.

The Community battle pass terms embedded in Valorant provides wide variety of opportunity for players to design their favourite agents, guns and submit those to Riot Games. The Community battle pass will be a region specific and every region will receive huge opportunity for local artist to grow and shine.

The concept of Community battle pass will go live from March 1st 2022  will start from Episode 4, act 2 and also the price that will be rewarded to content creators hasn’t been disclosed yet. If we further deep down on Valorant their new method known as “Valorant Flashback Stats 2021” helps players to understand their playing style and compare their ranking statistics in comparison to rest of the players all over the world.

Budding players receive feedback from their Valorant Flashback statistics under the promotion tab section. In order to enrol for Valorant Statistics, players need to login from Riot Website. After that the players need to fill details on Account Management section followed by opening Communication Preferences tab to ensure that they receive feedback from developers on regular basis.