“Esports industry will reset post BGMI ban in India “reveals Rooter Founder Piyush Kumar

Many people are doubting the future of Esports in India post the BGMI ban due to security concerns as the former was touted as one of the most popular games in the country. 

Talking about the latest development, Piyush Kumar who is currently the founder and chief executive of Rooter (one of the leading streaming platforms in India) stated that this esports industry will reset soon after the post-BGMI ban in India.


He also added that everyone who is working in the BGMI space had to rework their strategies and move towards other games and added that we aren’t worried as we used to stream 35 percent of BGMI content on our platform.

“A lot of tournaments and platforms focused only on BGMI,” Kumar said. 

“So, everybody who was centred on BGMI will have to rework, but gaming is here to stay. Gamers will move on to other games quickly, which we learned after the government banned PUBG … If you ask me, we aren’t worried as only 30-35% streams on Rooter are of BGMI. We wish it didn’t happen, but now that it has, we hope it comes back.” Kumar added. 

Last week, government asked both Google and Apple to remove BGMI from their application stores and there is no official statement came from government that why this app has been banned in India. 

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Rooter personally has been doing extremely well as they raised $25 million dollar in series A funding round led by Lightbox, March Gaming and Duane Park Ventures in January 2022. 

“We are clocking 3-4 million downloads a month and have a wide variety of game streamers. From $5 million ARR (annual recurring revenue) at present, we are on track to reach $10 million ARR by October 2022. Our monthly active users have gone up 59% in Q2 this year to 15.2 million, while ARPU (average revenue per user) has gone up 24% in the last two months” Kumar concluded. 

Rooter has also done exclusive partnerships with different esports organizations like-Orangutan, OR Esports, Chemin, Rivalry, PVS. 

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