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Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World

Richest Football Clubs in the World: Manchester United, which used to be the richest football clubs in the world has been dethroned from their position as they have been replaced by another football club. As per the reports from Deloitte, there is a new leader that has come at the No. 1 spot of the richest football clubs. Almost all the football clubs who were already in the list have made a jump in the latest list. Their earnings have increased due to some good commercial business.

Sponsors spent a hefty amount to linger with the teams as the players are like the global billboards for them as they attract a large number of audience because of their likeliness. Due to that, the brand value and wealth of the football clubs have seen a jump in their revenues too. Let’s take a glimpse of the richest football clubs in 2019:

10.Juventus- $ 480 million

juventusThe Italy based franchise is one of their most successful clubs in modern times. They won a Serie A league and reached the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals. Juventus extended their kit deal with Adidas for eight seasons in between 2019-20 for $61 million per year. This deal added to their revenue of $480 million. After the acquisition of Christiano Ronaldo the revenues of the club has soared as the addition of the star striker made a huge difference in the brand value of the team.

9.Tottenham Hotspur- $ 511 million

Tottenham-Hotspur PhotoThe London based club has seen a huge growth in their revenue as they locked a deal in broadcasting rights that garnered them $253.77 million. They also made a good profit from their jersey sponsor AIA and technical kit sponsor Nike. According to Deloitte, Tottenham Hotspur may see an overall rise in their revenue in the coming days because of their good performance in the Premier League and UEFA Champions League. The club has generated a revenue of $ 511 million.

8.Arsenal- $520 million

Richest-Club-Arsenal PhotoThe football club generated a revenue of $ 520 million and are placed at the 8th position in the list. The England based club added to their revenue through broadcasting rights worth $231.76 million. They also made a good revenue through the ticket sales. They made $135 million from their commercial deals. Puma and Emirates also contributed to their revenue as well as their brand value. But their incapability to qualify in the UEFA Champions League in season 2019-2020 may impact their ticket sales in the future.

7.Chelsea- $597 million

Richest-Club-ChelseaThe English Premier League side Chelsea is placed at 7th position in the list although they generated a revenue of $ 597 million that majorly came from the broadcasting rights. They finished at the 5th position in the UEFA Champions League Round 16. Their deal with Nike and Yokohama tyres have earned them a good revenue that has added to their total revenue. Besides, ticket sales and deal with Carabao drinks contributed in their revenue jump lately.

6.Liverpool- $ 613 million

Richest-Club-LiverpoolWith their inclusion in the list, Liverpool club are placed at the 8th position as they generated a revenue of $ 613 million. Liverpool saw a commendable rise in their revenue following their commercial deals of shirt sponsorship with Standard Chartered and kit sponsor New Balance. The club also earned handsome revenue through broadcasting rights of $281.5 dollars. Seeing their winning performance in the UEFA Champions League finals, experts believe that Liverpool FC may see a rise in their revenue in the future.

5.Manchester City- $ 678 million

Richest-Club-Manchester-CityThe English Football club are at the 5th position in the list that is by generating a revenue of $ 678 million. They made a good profit from their commercial tie- ups and sponsorship deals as it added $297.76 million to the total revenue. The club also made profit through the match ticket sales. Broadcasting rights garnered tem another $267 million. Their contracts with Nike and Ethiad Airways also earned them a good revenue. However, Manchester City signed a 10-year kit deal with Puma beginning with the 2019-20 season that is worth an average of $86 million a season.

4.Bayern Munich- $ 751 million

Richest-Club-Bayern-MunichGerman Bundesliga club Bayern Munich holds the 4th position in the list of richest football clubs. The side has qualified for the Champions League for the 22 consecutive seasons through 2019-20. Bayern Munich earned around $ 390 million through the deals with the jersey sponsors Deutsche Telekom and kit supplier Adidas. They also earned around $ 197 million from broadcasting rights and another $ 116 million from ticket sales. However, their not so good performance in the UEFA Champions League may make an impact on their total revenue in the coming future according to Deloitte Football Money League.

3.Manchester United- $ 795 million

Manchester UnitedThe England based football club have dropped down to the third position from their previous first position but that did not stop their revenue flow. Manchester United earned a decent amount of revenue through their sponsorship deals. The club signed a long-term shirt sleeve sponsorship deal with Kohler least year that’s reportedly worth an average of $13 million annually. They also earned around $ 257 million through the broadcasting rights. The club also earned a considerable revenue through the ticket sales. Well all these deals and contracts places them at the third place.

2.FC Barcelona- $ 824 million

FC BarcelonaThe cash-rich club earns the second spot in the list due to their high brand value and the presence of the strikers Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi. They add a lot of revenue because of their brand image. Besides, the club managed a very good revenue from the broadcasting rights. Their sponsors Nike and Qatar Airways are the major contributors to their revenue. The match-day ticket sales also made a significant impact to their revenue.

1.Real Madrid- $ 896 million

Real MadridReal Madrid has dethroned Manchester United off the perch as the richest and the most valuable club, as on date. The Spanish giants saw a tremendous increase in their value which came on the back of a plethora of stars it boasts of and the hattrick of Champions League titles they earned.

Los Blancos is among the most popular clubs in the World and has a list of top brands vying for sponsorship spots. While Adidas and Emirates have continued to be the main sponsors of the club since 2013, there has been an enormous rise in regional partnerships as well. The likes of Nivea Men, Audi, Hankook, Mahou, China Citic Bank, Tecate, Solan de Cabras, and ManBetx have also associated with the global giants.

In addition, the club earns a hefty amount from ticket sales and Merchandising.

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