Esports Latest Updates: James Madison University Launches Esports Program

Esports is the future and those who have adopted this new trend will survive in future those who haven’t adopted it will land into uncertainty.  The recent development that took place in Esports  is in the form of James Madison University who launches an E Sports program which will be part of Eastern College Athletic Conference.

“JMU X-Labs is excited to join the ECAC and the competitive opportunities now available to our emerging esports program,” said JMU X-Labs Executive Director Nick Swayne. “We are excited for our students to have access to challenging tournaments and competitive league play. For both virtual and face-to-face competition, ECAC offers exactly what we need to transition into the best of esports.”

The main motto of JMU X-Labs for launching Esports program is to bring competitive players from two different established student organizations where they will be aiming towards bringing alumni and industry experts who love working in the domain of e sports so that the  unique experience can create an impression in the mind and heart of budding players.

Their other motto is to establish JMU as more diverse gaming community by introducing a chapter called as “gameHers” which will focus on bringing women and people belonging to LGBTQ community in gaming.

They will be hosting workshops in February for students where they will be training these students in the diverse domain like communication, interviewing and networking skills.

There will be additional workshops which will be conducted on topics like Health, nutrition, physical health and mental health which will strengthen students to focus on stamina and performance.

The best part about this programme will be to introduce academic programs to eventually create opportunities into e sports with interesting academic departments will be opened and these coursework will eventually help Esports budding players to make a career in E Sports industry.

They will also live stream Esports matches on Twitch this year on February 22nd 2022 and the name of that show will be given as “JMU giving day”. JMU e sports schedule will be streaming games like Valorant, Leagues of Legends and Overwatch Rocket League.