“Dhoni knew these things about himself when it comes to DRS” Ex India Teammate makes surprising revelation about him

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is regarded as one of India’s greatest white ball captains of all time because the renowned wicketkeeper-batsman won all three major ICC trophies in 2007 (T20 World Cup, 50 Over World Cup, and Champions Trophy).

His track record as a skipper is unmatched, and no leader will be able to easily match it.

When it came to the Decision Review System (DRS), MS Dhoni was renowned for making the right calls. On average, 8 out of every 10 decisions he made on the field were correct.

Suresh Raina, former  CSK  player and team India member, made an unexpected revelation about his captain when he told Viacom 18 that Dhoni understood that supporters referred to Decision Review System as Dhoni Review System and stated that even he believed the moniker was under the former’s name. He learned later what DRS’s real name was.

What he did best and why DRS worked so well for MS as he made the call because he was accustomed to waiting until the very last second and ignoring the bowler’s opinions until the very last second.

He answered the call, which finally enabled him to obtain DRS.

According to speculations from many media outlets, Dhoni will compete in the IPL for the final time, and he will wrap up his season in Chennai, where he was born and raised.

On August 15, 2020, he already announced his retirement from international cricket.

Dhoni has already begun preparing for the upcoming IPL season, and he plans to make a strong finish to his run.