Colizieum an Esports gaming organisation based on Block Chain ecosystem collect $8.4 million in funding

Esports, Meta Verse and Web 3.0 is the next big thing with Facebook already deciding to move from social media company to meta verse company and many e sports start-ups are receiving heavy funding’s from different stakeholders.

Colizieum has closed around $8.4 million round during their last fundraising drive.  The drive also involved high profile investors like TPS Capital, Au21 Capital and CRT Capital who took part in the anticipated funding.

Colizieum as an organisation started in 2011, consist of wide variety of domains which include mobile game development, cryptocurrencies and block chain technology.

Behind this colizieum ecosystem, team has also founded beetroot labs and also developed award winning IOS. They have also developed an Android game known as Dystopia: Contest of Heroes.

Michael Swan, who is serving as the managing director at Tokenomic stressed that addition of Colizieum will boost mobile sports ecosystem in a positive way.

“Tokenomik views Colizeum as an excellent proxy exposure to the vast NFT/play-to-earn gaming multiverse segment, which continues to expand exponentially, making it increasingly difficult to identify long-term popular gaming platforms. We are delighted to be an early collaborator in this fantastic project, founded by an experienced leadership and development team.”

David Zidens who is serving as the cofounder of Colizieums stated “We’re proud to serve the growing game development community and to offer a set of tools which will help developers to focus on what they know the best – building great games. The whole Colizeum team is honored that Colizeum is backed by outstanding industry professionals and enormous communities which are helping us to build the product and has helped us to set the ambitions of the project on a whole different level.”

What standout for Colizieum and count it as its main USP is their ability to offer wide range of solutions which include expanding developers of mobile games and tapping all sources to generate huge amount of revenue.

Developers are keenly looking to revamp the monetization models using existing games along with developing new games from scratch and their remuneration increases with every new player and they are driven through $ZEUM tokens who are booked within the Colizieum ecosystem. 

All Player cards used in this game comes as NFT(Non Fungible Tokens) which is different to each other and display unique properties which include access to exclusive content and special perks which are integral part of the ecosystem.