Things you should know if you are looking to make a career in Esports?

If you closely observe all traditional sports one thing you would find common is the “basic” which has remained intact yes the rules have changed with time and so do technology and time being the most important factor teaches you to become adaptable to change and change is inevitable.

Every year we witness craze of some new technology in the ecosystem as someone who love sports and love spending their most of the time by playing Video Games would agree that they had no idea that Esports will be a huge entity in years to come.

Taking about India, the craze of Esports is on another level at the moment with many budding gamers are coming up the ranks and the market is expected to grow around $11 billion dollar in size by 2025.

It is true that Esports Industry is pretty disorganized in India and the main reason is lack of awareness. Let’s talk about things you should know if you are looking to make a career in Esports in detail.

1.According to research, playing video games can benefit individual’s cognitive systems related to short memory and visual recognition and this is one of the reasons why many budding players wants to pursue career in Esports.

2.There have been players like Faker hailing from South Korea who earns $2 million every year via Esports and many experts have stated that playing Esports is much difficult than playing traditional sports but many of us have confusion in our minds that only gamers can make a career in Esports not anyone else which is certainly false.


3.There are various domain in E Sports Industry where you can make career out of it which include Professional Player, Host, Coach, Content Creator, Marketing Executive, Social media manager, Production crew, Event manager and Agent also more domains will be opened in this E Sports ecosystem as the industry will keep on growing from here onwards.


4.The best advice you will get from some of the best industry expert is that always play on your strengths it’s good to overcome your weakness but don’t forget what you are good at and how can you take you strength to next level. So working on your strength or your niche is extremely important as being the budding gamer who loves playing multiple sports but in order to excel in this industry it’s important to work on your best game in which you are too good and  furnish your skills in such a way that it can elevate your game to next level.


5.Simply don’t imagine but play as much as you can and follow your practice time to build your e sports community at local level and take it further step by step.


6.After building a strong Esports Network community the next thing on which you need to focus as an aspiring e sports player is to seek new opportunities and you need to take part in most tournaments and start giving your best to achieve those desired result and finish in top ranks to get noticed in Esports community at local level and the moment you start winning more competition your community will start building.


7.If you are budding e sports player never miss an opportunity to volunteer as many companies who organize Esports events are looking for players who can volunteer and work for free which in turn will give you more opportunity to grab the attention of your favourite players probably you can talk to them and learn the nuances of Esports.



8.If you are from well to do background and can afford studying outside India then you can learn the art of Esports  from dedicated Esports schools based in Japan and Britain.


9.If you are only looking at the positive side of the industry and not focussing on the negative side it wouldn’t be fruitful as most players who start and doesn’t reach at the top enjoys low salary and sitting in front of CPU for long hours to play Esports will create many health issue like Eye and Posture Problems. It can be addictive too as playing games for long hours for fun only and not being serious towards it will kill lots of your time where you could even miss your school and college.


10. If you are playing most popular games of Esports and you are too good at it without bringing any distraction in your mind just go for it and grab a career in Esports.