Brazil number 9 Richarlison did what even Pele couldn’t do in FIFA World Cup history

Brazil number 9 Richarlison did what even Pele couldn't do in FIFA World Cup history

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is not letting any of us down as every single fixture is producing some extraordinary results. The first ever mid-season Winter world cup has seen major ups and downs already and it looks like the champions curse have been finally broken.

Brazilian great and one of the legends of world football Pele might have won 3 World cups and scored 1283 goals in his career but he never scored a goal through a Bicycle kick. In three World Cups, he has scored exhilarating goals, artistic goals, and match winning goals, but the bicycle trick was not one of them. He laments it in the same way that the great painter Rafael lamented the fact that he could never create Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Few techniques in the game combine spontaneity and science, art and acrobatics, physicality and suppleness as much as the bicycle kick. In his very first world cup campaign, Richarlison did what Pele couldn’t. Those who witnessed Richarlison’s goal, or any bicycle kick, would describe it as surreal. And such a shot frequently not only raises the teams, but also unleashes the creativity of the colleagues. Pele in his auto-biography wrote “I have just three-four of my 1,283 goals with a bicycle kick. It’s difficult, and my greatest regret is that I have never scored a bicycle kick goal in a World Cup.”

Moreover, Richarlison sustained an injury just one month before the FIFA World cup 2022 while playing for English premier league side Tottenham Hotspur where he moved earlier this season. He sustained a calf injury during Spurs’ league tie against Everton and the player was reportedly in tears after feeling the pain even when walking. This had raised a lot of eyebrows given the form he was in but Richarlison recovered just in time. To be a doubt before the World cup to scoring one of the greatest World cup goals, Richarlison’s bicycle effort was truly something special and inspiring.

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